Please Enable Claw for Rune Word "Lawbringer" and "Crescent Moon"

I like the new Rune Word “Mosaic”! it could be a core weapon for Material Art Sin!

However, if it is to buff Material Art sin, we still have more options.
These options would make the Material Art Build more diversified!

So, my suggestion is:
Enable Claw for Rune Word “Lawbringer” and "Crescent Moon"
These options are not the best, but they’re the OPTIONs for claws.
Runewords for claws are insufficient now…

About these two rune words.
For Phoenix Strike or Claw of Thunder Sin, “Crescent Moon” would be a competitor for off -hand claw. -35 Reduce Target Lightning Res is very important for lightning builds!

For Tiger - Dragon Tail Sin, “Lawbringer” could be a core weapon! the finish move “Dragon tail” its fire explosion base on physical damage, so the curse “decrepify” is very important. With Sword, the attack speed has 8 Frames cap, and claw as 7F cap. With sword, assassin cannot equip dual swing - it’s not cool~


now is the time this to happen!
We need more runewords in claws!


I completely agree.

These two changes would greatly improve the MA builds as claws are not only faster, have +skills, but also gives us access to claw mastery and weapon block. In addition to the points you mentioned, mastery on these would greatly improve the chance to hit and the damage on the charge up skills, the main area that is painful for MA sins.

Please make this happen.


The RIP from lawbringer is a real non-bo with death sentry though.

True, that’s a downside but lawbringer is low damage. Is it useful for any sin build but tiger strike / dragon tail? Maybe dragon talon but you’re sacrificing crushing blow. Isn’t stormlash or even black better for dragon talon? Perhaps enabling black in a claw is the better option for the dragon talon build until you get stormlash or fleshripper.

Since dragon tail has a limited AOE, it’s fine to not use death sentry for the other benefits it brings with sanctuary and decrepify along with reduced enemy defense.

RIP is a well known feature of the runeword. Even as a sword, it’s a commonly used weapon in tiger strike dragon tail builds to deal with physical immunes and crowd control. Honestly, the undead knockback from sanctuary is more annoying to me than the RIP.

It’s a good discussion though.

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Well most MA sins usually have 1 pt in death sentry. You just clear so much faster when you start popping corpses. You could run a pure MA sin just for fun but you’re kinda gimped without it.

Yes please, I think Claws of Thunder Assassin would be really cool to play with Crescent Moon, and it would be such an easy change

and it would give Crescent Moon a purpose to exist.


Would also be great to get access to crushing blow on claws. I’ve always thought Black runeword would be really good for this.


Great idea too, we need as much claw runewords options as possible!


I have stopped using lawbringer for this reason with Phoenix shield. It is great other than that.

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I’m :+1: on dropping RIP from lawbringer in claws.

The runeword is great for many situations but pretty bad in others. I think that was the design for it’s mechanics.

The sanctuary knockback is also a pain for ghosts for MA sins. Arcane and chaos are pretty annoying. I don’t see them dropping the annoyances from lawbringer if they bring it to claws but in a perfect world, yes, knockback and RIP is bad for MA sins. Knockback might be good for bladesins though, I’ve not played one.

Assassins. It’s complicated. :laughing:


Yeah, Lawbringer is not the best option but a good option - Especially for Blad Furry Sin and Tiger-Dragon tail sin, from the entry phase of Hell difficulty. it only costs Lum which is easy to collect for every player.

As an Entry level runeword, “Lawbringer” has both positive and negative side.

And in a few of sessions, lawbringer is the top choice.

  • full of darksouls - with 90% DR, Lawbringer + Dragontail (no need charge) could clear them rapidly.
  • To prevent Nirasek’s death explosion

That’s the why I like Lawbringer - a balanced weapon, not too imba:) not too weak. Could be a nice to have choice but no must have.

A mid-game “Claws of Thunder” Martial Arts Assassin with dual “Crescent Moon” claws sounds pretty nice, and a nice alternative to the Holy Shock Paladin.

“Lawbringer” it’s also a very good choice, specially against bosses.

I support this changes in general :slight_smile:

The downsides of lawbringer is what would make it a good choice for claws, there’s a trade-of instead of a straight buff. Could be an offhand option to help deal dragon tail users with PIs if nothing else.

Crescent Moon would just be a straight buff for CoT, which i’m all for too. It’d be quite a damage increase, especially for broken lighning immunes.


All for these changes as well, its been mentioned in a few threads now. Hoping this will help make it happen.

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Mosaic is SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO bad of a rune word.

Nobody should ever use it.

If Crescent moon would be available, then ONLY the lightning builds will be GG. Fire and Ice will even be worse than now :frowning:

Buff the hell outa the MA skills please.


I’d rather have good lightning builds than no good builds, and this is a super easy way to achive that.

But sure, i’d take a general MA buff over these runewords in claws any day of the week if i had the choice.

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Totally agreed. I just prefer a real buff. Playing the lightning build now for ages. I want fire and ice to shine :slight_smile:


this actually is a good idea i think

as long as traps still dont get the +/- res it wouldn’t be op and would be a solid buff to an underused playstyle

Hm, I wonder if fists of fire could be decent with flickering flame, plague and a phonix shield?