Please confirm and take action

Numerous classic standard users are protesting about classic problem.

I have a question. why did you patch the submarine. Because of it, many users are suffering from disconnected during game.

After v 1.13d submarine patch. If someone try to upgrade rare items below 1.09 version through horadrick cube combination. At the same time rollback, All room with the same IP disconnect the game and the room doesn’t exist. Also, The character can’t participate in other room and make new room for 15 minutes.

1.13 submarine patch causes these problems. Before submarine patch, It is possible that rare items below 1.09 upgrade to exceptional or elite to the Horadrick cube combination method. At that time, there wasn’t rollback.

Since last November, malicious users interfere with play Diablo 2 in Asia classic standard server
I can’t understand why you patched it.

I’d like to suggest one of two options

Make it possible that all rare items below 1.09 upgrade to exceptional or elite through Horadrick cube combination method or delete all rare items below 1.09 on

If you neglect this problem continuously. it is clear that Blizzard can’t fix bug.

Because I’m sure that you are already know this issue. during 8 month, you didn’t improve this problem.

I think Blizzard is incompetent
Recognize your reputation is going down as global company.

You neglect that malicious users pollute game environment. they are challenging blizzard.

Please do not disappoint users’ expectation.

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I agree… is there technical team? What are you doing ?

Now users can’t even open a room to play this game… ha…

Umm… Am i right understand you are talking about some problems with some items which collected 20 years ago?