PlayStation D2R Update Live Now! Version 1.06

That’s Sony’s fault I believe. The PS5 version of games (all games that have a new PS5 version) are treated like two separate games client-wise. Doesn’t even share trophies.

Until they fix the stash I’ll be avoiding the game.

Tired of losing my stuff.


3rd crash now… I’m experimenting some different build setups, and right now running Poison Vine, Ravens, and Molten Boulder. Any one else having crashing issues? Or is it just my build?

5 crashes now… wtf, this WAS NOT happening before patch when I was doing same thing earlier today…

No parch to download for PS5, at leash not in EU :slight_smile: After reading some comments, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing :sweat_smile:

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Can confirm this morning at 6:43am cst that the queue system is in place, sat at 127 for about 30 minutes. One of the most off hour times and im in a queue. I already quit wow because of the bs, now this? Time to find some new games. I was genuinely excited to play this game but this just takes it out of me.


This is Fing ridiculous! I too waited for this release because PC version of D2 was horrid with wait times…now the Resurrected version is just the same old story! WTF blizzard, how come no other game has to have queue’s? There are definitely games with more traffic than D2 and they are seamless and smooth but not Diablo and not! Damn joke

They just don’t get it how updates are performed with Multiplattform. It’s so embarrassing from Blizzard.

I am just wondering how Square Enix can always update their Final Fantasy 14 at the same time for PC, PS4 and PS5. Must be a miracle Company.

This patch is awesome. In every game i have a black screen popping out after few minutes of playing with d2r logo in bottom right. That makes game unplayable. Thank you Blizzard. My hcube also dissapeared. Im was playing sp to avoid all this server problems but probably im done with this game.


Queued for 30 mins then played one hour and got disconnected. Good parental control for a player in his late 30s!

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YES! It’s happening to me as well, almost lost my Hardcore barbarian twice now while hearing him taking damage on the background, lost all my progress both times 'cause I couldn’t do anything other than close the aplication an pray to see him alive once I reloaded…

Can’t play even offline thanks to that… Wow, talk about inabillity to manage a game…

I have the same issue, black screen popping out, game is totally unplayable only happens after this latest patch.

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obviously have to throw in some game breaking bugs on top of the screen that says you arent allowed to play.

im not even mad this is the most hilarious company ever at this point


Hey this has been an issue with the psn creeper druid for a while. I’m pretty sure this build could cause enough lag to create dupes so blizz added something to just boot you from bnet.

Fury/rabies wolf/creeper/zoo was my last character on D2 and I was hoping they had changed this because its a really fun build if you can put the gear together.

Yeah I downloaded update then put in queue

unfortunately this update is mandatory and you cant start game without updating :confused:

Devs, please remove the patch 1.06 from the PS4. Like others have mentioned, I too am experiencing a black screen after playing for a couple of minutes. And the character progress isn’t saving.


Edit: playing in offline mode :slightly_frowning_face:

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Releasing a bugged 1.04, releasing a bugged 1.06.
Is Blizzard only good at harass and mute their own Employees?

Have you missed 1.0.5? Dont worry - it was also bugged so you havent lost anything valuable :smiley: