PLAYSTATION 5 version NOT working AT ALL

Thanks, but i will not take the risk to lost my progression ( clear all difficulties soon)
It is blizzard’s team job to offer us the solutions about the problems. I expect the service i bought.
But thanks again for your return.

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How could deleting the game remove your progress? Save data is not touched when you delete a game.

Your characters will be ok. Online progression stores on bliz servers.
They have rolled back last ps5 patch, clear install from store will fix the problem.
I dunno why they didn’t tell us about reinstalling the game. That points on incompetence of support team. I think they actually do not know what they are doing.

So the does it work reinstalling the game or not?

It works, I play for a 5 hours atm. But there’s going to be daily “investigations” again, i suppose

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Dunno what he is trying, my ps5 version works.

Tried about an hour ago. Still no PS5 update, and the play button still doesn’t work.

I tried now and the reinstall works. Nothing was lost.

My char disappeared ingame, waht happend to EU-Server?

Is there anyway to get a refund on a PS5 game,
this is ridiculous at this point I’ve been able to play the game for a total of about 5 hours since release with all the server issues and now I cant even launch the game when the servers are up.

Found a link for PS refund, cant post it here (hahaha that’s actually funny).

Go to google and search for: “how to claim a refund on ps5” - thats how I got the link to the sony refund website, but they are not online yet right now.

Just waiting for them to be online to ask for a refund for my copy as well, this is just ridiculous altogether.

Guys for workaround you can download both games ps4/ps5 version & ps4 is working, so it’s perfect for feature patches :sweat_smile:

When fix will be available? I’m don’t want to downgrade anything.

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1,5 day totally unplayable, what a joke :sweat_smile:

Gues the dev’s couldn’t get a hold of a PS5 to test the build with?

Coule you tell us when the service of playing we paid for, will be work correctly?2 days i çanot do anything on ps5…
What will you offer us for compensation of what we ve bought and we didnot have.


But PS4/PS5 versions have different achievements progress/ :sweat_smile:

When it’s done. (c) Blizz :wink:

They do!? Ill have to check since i have both. It would be funny if it has a trophy for surviving the loading screen on a ps4

i dont dislike playing offline so many complain about online …but my shako/guardian angel/mf charm…is only for offline lol… it what ever at this point…im gonna stay offline and share stash so worth it