PLAYSTATION 5 version NOT working AT ALL

There is…as I say it happens to many. Crashing is the main cause of it but many of us have save and exited properly in offline and lost progression.

Just because it hasn’t happened to you is irrelevant. It has happened to many of us.

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Can you please note your team to solve matchmaking system, and add chat please. For matchmaking its not working. We need to see if there is games created and for how long its runing before joining. Or simply just add lobby like orgiginal PC version. Please!


Since my internet download speed is slow and update is huge, I will skip this one and just wait for next one - no point in downloading something that is broken. Also it would finish updating just before next patch came out :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude go and read reddit and bug reports before you post, I’ve save and exited and lost levels and gear, the saves seem to get reverted to an older one.

Just read and research before you post.

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Do it yourself, we are talking about offline, not online.

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So am I…jeepers…can you read?

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” Ups tou did it again… ”

Honestly, why would sony approved this patch which is kinda game breaking for ps5 ver?


This is very good question

Czyli będzie działać czy nie będzie, jeśli tak to kiedy?? Przy próbie wyboru nowego gracza, wpisując obojętnie jaką nazwę, pojawia się okno że, nazwą jest zła lub zawiera wulgaryzmy. Dramat.

This Problems persist now since 6!!! hours blizzard!
And there is not even a single communication from you?
What in the name of diablo kind of people are running your company?

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Blizzard doesn’t check what it’s creating? what kind of imbecile you have to be to put a patch on the server without checking. This company is a bunch of idiots.

you need to let the team know … so they released a patch without testing it and you need to let them know it’s broken ?

Lol wtf is this… while at it, ask them to sort multiplayer out because it’s complete rubbish

also xbox users: contact support for refund if you want one. there’s a chance they will refund for the broken game unlike sony

COME ON!! it has been hours already, how long is this going to take to fix on ps5… Over last 5 days been able to play for around 2 hours and not from lack of trying

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As they need to distribute a new patch it will take a day or two at least. It has to go through Sony’s procedure.

Not sure anyone mentionned it yet but, apart from the click button bug on PS5…
You cannot create any new character online either on PS5.
You always get the same error message about “bad content or obcenity in the name”.
I tried to create online characters on PS4 and it worked though.
I even could play it on PS4 (online of course).
PS5 has some problem.

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Yes I’m on ps5 and can’t create game or new character

you can play the game without updating it.

Christ, Blizzard. WTH are you guys doing?! I literally don’t even know what to say anymore at this point. The service you guys are delivering has been past abysmal this last week.

how the fork do they constantly manage to screw up… released a patch without actually testing it and Mr Blue has to report to the team to let them know Lol

my gosh man…

and you still have people defending blizz like their lives depend on it… pathetic people

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