Players 8 Hell Chaos Sanctuary Necro Speedrun Build

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my take on Chaos speedrun necro build. This is a pure bone necro build which utilizes Dim Vision to maximize sniping and speedclears. As most of you know CS is a dangerous place so Bone Prison and Dim Vision utilities are pretty useful there. The main damage is Bone Spear thanks to White runeword on +3 Bone Spear base wand. Enjoy the vid!

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It’s nice to see Dim Vision in action, it’s even more powerful than I thought. Good, so my planned Bonemancer should be great indeed :slight_smile:
Although I’d love to see some Attract usage; long time ago I had plenty of fun with combo Attract + Iron Maiden.

Attract eats away precious points, but it can definitely be used, especially if white base wand grants the curse for free. Thanks for the positive feedback!

PS: your planned necro looks awesome. You may want to consider Fortitude instead of Duress on merc though. Enhanced damage is pretty useful.

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Ah yes, Duress. If you’d check calculator I was testing if such build can possibly defeat Diablo Clone, therefore Duress not Fortitude. Thanks for pointing me that though^^

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All good :slight_smile: 2020200202020202002