Patch 2.3 Highlights COMING SOON

Why are they doing Qol before fixing the bugs or broken things :confused:

  1. Fix the game
  2. Qol
  3. Possible changes to the game

The changes they have added are nice, but that’s about it. I’m not impressed when there are far more important things that need doing.

Not adding players to solo online is a massive fail.
Not fixing servers, removing queue, removing game join limiter, fixing load time.
Not giving us at least a couple more stash tabs.
Not fixing gameplay bugs like AS.
Not adding search and filters features when joining games.

This patch has done nothing of importance in my eyes, when all of the above are in my eyes highest priority issues and they are doing nothing about them.


These features will officially be introduced in early December when Patch 2.3 goes live. This update will also be accompanied by many bug fixes and other improvements, which will be detailed upon release of the patch.

Second paragraph. BIG PATCH, BIG PATCH! Wheee!


i’d be happy with that. just masively increase weapon durability

Has got to be the worst implementation of a “quick cast” bar. At least make it so the left/right skill doesn’t flicker when using it… jesus christ. No way this went through Q&A.

The way they set up the text it focuses on the QoL stuff first.

They get to the meat of it at the bottom. They ARE working on the actual database issues. I have a feeling the folks doing the UI changes are not the folks fixing the database.

The primary focus of that PTR will be revolved around fixing database issues and stabilizing our online environment. Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play and even more new changes coming to Diablo II: Resurrected.

I also want to know if

A handful of visual tweaks have been made to improve the front-end user interface. An indicator has been added to exemplify what players are muted or ignored.

means they will fix right click Block to actually WORK in Lobby.


They did get into that. The issue with the servers is the Global Database is old tech and can’t handle the Global data input from all Regions and Platforms so keels over under load. Hence the queues and game creation delays until they fix it. That is the important part of the PTR they mentioned.


I think that the little video was just showing the bar of active skill key bindings itself, NOT the quick cast. This will be a two option checklist. One check to display the bar so you can SEE at any given time what keys you have bound to which skill (while still utilizing the swap to left/right mousekeys as normal) and the other will be the fast cast, so that the skill it automatically used instead of swapped to the left/right mouse click.

damn. the very first point discussed is about consoles lol

the second point changes the gameplay a lot - and was brought on by consoles as well!

audio improvements related to controller users…?!

aight i may be alone on this one but god do they come off as out of touch.
not impressed. lots of much more basic issues needed to be tackled before these frills.

whoever’s putting priority on things needs new priorities :wink:


Well that’s good start at least. If they do improve all the things I mentioned, I will be pretty damn happy and feeling like there is still hope for Blizz.

spam bots will never go away. they couldn’t get rid of them in classic d2 and there is very little that can be done now, acc + ip ban do nothing. just be thankful they cannot whisper you like on classic bnet.

Like the new click and active, like the Force Move even more (RSI so not a fan of holding down the mouse button).

The rest is either is not very interesting imo.

Though I must say I felt bile rising at the intro.

For the past two months, brave adventurers have clashed with fearsome foes from the realms of Sanctuary to the Burning Hells, slaying and looting their way to victory.

In this time, we’ve seen significant improvement in decreasing queue times as players now on average wait less than 60 seconds to enter Sanctuary and get in-game.

Erhm yeah but don’t make it sound like an achievement, if you want to boast about reducing the queue times, note that it was the same team that created them in the first place.
The boast should be We fixed a part of the mess we made.

A few nice QoL changes, although a lot more to follow hopefully. Extended stash, rune/gem stacking and possibly even a charm bag would some some very welcomed QOL changes.

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Yeah I hope they decide to do these things in the future. These QoL things they’re adding now are a step in the right direction though. Hoping for some eventual balance changes through the PTR also.


On classic they did get rid of most of them somehow though or we were able to do it through a keyword text file or something.

Please give ONLINE players the slider for /player 8. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to make a game wanting ACTUAL people to join but it’s just some jackass farming high runes… the thing is, being that jackass is the only way to really get high runes. PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN!


/players isn’t coming to online for the reason it would affect the online trade economy. Spam bots aint going anywhere as one change will just have them do something else. And note most games with trade have issues with them, not a lot can be done.

You’re in for a rude awakening, this is just the beginning, they said more stuff coming soon :wink:

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Good fixes, but lacking in any form of content. I was hopeful the game would see some improvements that increased longevity, but its going to stay a niche title it seems.

You mean the economy that’s charging thirty men’s weight in gold for a Ber or Ohm? The economy only stabilized when bots duped… accept that fact.