Other Animations With Varying Lengths

With the 2.5 patch announcing the change to make Assassin’s A1HT1, A1HT2, A2HT1, and A2HT2 uniform, I checked the other instances where A1 and A2 are different. PAA12HS and PAA22HS are different as well (Paladin’s basic attacks with a two handed sword). PAA12HS: FramesPerDirection=18,AnimationSpeed=256; PAA22HS: FramesPerDirection=19,AnimationSpeed=256. Similarly, AIA1HTH and AIA2HTH (Assassin’s unarmed basic attacks): AIA1HTH: FramesPerDirection=11,AnimationSpeed=256; AIA2HTH: FramesPerDirection=12,AnimationSpeed=256

I can’t imagine any issue with setting both of these to the lower FramesPerDirection (since you can’t adjust the AnimationSpeed like you did with Assassin’s A1/A2 HT1 and HT2 animations, and you probably don’t want to run out of frames by setting FramesPerDirection too high). Additionally, the attack frame (action frame) for both of these sets of animations are the same as well.

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