Online SSF Mode

I stream my self found grail, i have like 5 subscribers, no line to blizzard :smile:

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SSF online without P8 or other players to pad the drop rate sounds like torture tbh.

That being said, I do online solo MF farm 99.99% of the time. However, I do it in a leisurely manner, not competitive. I couldn’t imagine doing SSF in a ladder capacity and giving a poop what the RNG gods bestowed upon some guy that has 18 hours a day to play.

But that’s just me.

Well i join games but i take loot only from what kill only myself outside of group.

Its still tought without trading , but not torture. Wgat is hardee is to make runewords with hrs.

its time for a ssf mode, for both ladder and NL

How about when you make a meme idea such as SSF, you just deal with how to do it within the parameters that you set for yourself instead of trying to get a company that doesn’t give a crap about you to change the game for you?

Want SSF more easily? Play offline use players 8 and static maps.
Want SSF AND Online? Deal with players 1, quit the crying, nobody made you go for a SSF build.


So, let’s hope that SFF made it into the patch for the next ladder season ^^


i am still amazed people will think that an online SSF leaderboards would be any less corrupt than the default online leaderboards.
do u guys honestly think making it so u cant trade will have ANY effect to stop people from cheating or that blizzard would enforce anti-cheating measure in this leaderboard anymore than they do in the other.

as if somehow having a bot running SSF 24/7 to level to 99 is going to be different.

stop deluding yourself.

the amount of competitiveness here is nauseating.

they are a measure of free time.

no amount of “skill” playing 16-20 hours a week is going to match a person without a job or a streamer playing 12 hours a day. let alone a bot playing 24.

what you are asking for will not have the effect u want.

and even if you DID get it… you would just complain they “its broken” and that “blizzard didn’t stop the cheaters” rather than acknowledging that your idea would never work in the first place.


It’s not just about the leaderboards, also the restriction that you just can’t trade that makes all the achievements much more valuable for you and also for others who are interested. Many people don’t see the attraction in just playing single player or playing online normally, but not trading.

It’s not without reason that SSF is so popular in PoE, although the mode has more or less the same problems you just described.

Last but not least, it doesn’t hurt anyone when such a mode is introduced, but it is a real enrichment for many. Whether you see it that way or not.


This is probably second on my wishlist. Item filters being number one. Blizzard fulfilled my previous number one which was a games list revamp and search box. That was awesome.


cant agree more

its time for a ssf mode!


Not trading doesn’t make your achievement any more meaningful. You could find 5x griffons, but be playing a WW barb and not have a Lo rune and don’t have grief. It is just another way for RNG to dictate your play, so you’re playing less efficiently that you could if you perhaps could trade off those griffs. Aka wasting time.

Lastly you say it is “real enrichment for many” meanwhile it is 8 people who would play SSF when there is a real ladder going on. And whichever of them places first in their 8 person ladder would still ONLY be the first place loser on a dead ladder with an inferior build.

Again not really against SSF being a thing, but it is a meme for individuals who like participation trophies.

You know the way they should implement SSF in D2 is by allowing you to give items to other characters you have in that ladder. Makes sense to me.

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If its not about leaderboards, i dont understand why you need some restrictions. If you decide to do solo Self found and not trade, well dont trade. You dont need restriction for that. And guess what, you might not trade, but solo self found guy running bot will have a lot more stuff than you anyway.

Its like people who want solo self found ladder wants it because they cant control themself from not trading.

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They won’t admit it, but what they want is a leaderboard they don’t finish last on. They don’t want to be 10,000th place or 100,000th for that matter. If SSF and regular Ladder launch at the same time maybe 10 people are going to be “racing” in SSF. They want to pretend like they’re relevant and that nobody “cheated” to get ahead. Meanwhile they don’t see that teo and llama did it all legit with their teams, and those that they considered “cheaters” didn’t even finish first. So in reality they should come to the conclusion that they suck and perhaps they’ll never finish first, but instead they want a participation trophy of the losers ladder.


and what causing you not to mind your own business? are you the developer?

Are you? That point is irrelevant to the conversation.

Btw the developer still hasn’t put this clown concept into the game despite a couple years of whining about it. Strange right?

But lets argue the merits of the pluses and minuses of the concept rather than who is a developer because we all lose that fight right?

Because these changes affect game as whole and affect community. Its not that simple as you think.

Online mode is not designed for solo play anyway. Its designed so you trade with others to keep your very limited space not filled with stuff.

So you dont want a ssf mode so people keep feeding the market with supply?

And hoarding? We dont even have the space in bnet to be able to truly hoard

And how much time did took poe to get his?

You can’t just come out and state the truth like that…

It won’t be handled well.

bc cheating and no-lifeing is something no one is aware off
this has only been happening since jankenpon came out

you guys are beating a dead horse there
people just want a game mode where instagram followers doesnt matter
heck, even these instagramers want that