Oct 14, 2021 - Connection Issues / Missing Characters / Not Online in Last 30 Days

Heres a quote about life

Everything and anything can or will go wrong

did you mean to say, Murphys law?

which is anything that can go wrong will.

Really looking forward to a month down the road when we have our “Daily Server Crash” coffee break scheduled in each day because blizz still hasn’t actually FIXED anything

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I’m also wondering what’s up. I was really enjoying this game for weeks, now suddenly this last week or more, every time i try to log in i get, “cannot connect to server”. Tried all the recommended fixes. Its not my network or ISP. MY network doesn’t go down.
What’s going on?

They’ll probably fix it eventually because it’s more costly to have support resources involved on a daily basis. But who knows, Blizz doesn’t seem very rational lately.

yeah i feel that, I had issues during the first hour on launch day but after that everything was fine for weeks and now suddenly nearly a month after launch the servers are going down every day at the same time for a week straight

I’m jealous you guys have been playing for weeks. I was a victim of the AVX issue so the game only started being playable for me a couple days ago. And by playable I mean that sometimes I can log in a play. Since the game’s been released, its been broken more often than playable. Complete sh*tshow.

Same here, it’s like they are using the old D2 servers but not upgrading them. This should have been a non issue, game has been down as much as up it seems ( hell they could be the Detroit Lions with this record of play ). To pay as much as we had to for a slightly revamped game is outrageous to me and will be reflected in the sales for D4 I imagine. I know I will never pre-pay for a Blizzard game again and will treat it like a new car model and wait till the bugs are fixed before shelling out my hard earned cash.

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out of order in the same time daily, 7 in row…

how come the server is so unstable…??


its been a week now. i cant believe all the white nights trying to say blizzard is doing a good job lol.

i wonder if they pay people to go on the forums and talk good about them.

its been a week and some just for this. server problems have been happening since release…


Getting really old waking up with a few hours before work every morning to the servers being down… might as well just play solo offline at this point.

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Bro everyday, same time. How is this not fixed yet

You’re lucky the server goes down early/during your work hours, while others like me during our free time/after work which is so frustrating!

They need to bring back tcp/ip or open battlenet. it’s the same damn issues as 20 years ago and this why we all played open battlenet. it wasn’t to dude it was cause the servers suck.

Like yesterday…and all other days, at 9AM East I can no longer create a game.
I’ll reply for you Blizz…“As part of our continued investigation into the issues over the past few days, our team will be actively monitoring and reacting to the situation during peak play times and there may be periods where logins or game creation are limited”

What information are we supposed to get from Twitter? The crap contained there is about as useful as your tech support. You should be ashamed of yourself and refund people’s money for something called D2:R

Things are stabilizing once more. For any players who have characters stuck in a game, we’ll have someone run the unstick script ASAP, but most characters should automatically log out in the next 15 minutes.

Appreciate everybody who took the time to reach out about this. We’re still keeping an eye on things on our end/working on the backend problem.

As promised, a post has been made addressing the recent server issues. You can read more about this here.

Since the previous issue was confirmed to be resolved, we’re going to lock this thread up but will keep you all posted if we see more problems.

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