Noob Question: Can we use 2.4 runeword on NL now?


According to dev statement posts, the S1 runewords should be available in NL
after launch of Season 3.


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Its a 50/50 chance still. they flat out lied to us about it before, and even changed their own quote on forum site after sitting there for 6 months.
We shall see.


i will do what i did last time and try do make patten rw when the update drops
if fails i only lose low level runes

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Only pre-made ones. Highly unlikely you will be able to create them on NL.

They should all release to single player though, leave ladder content locked to Ladder.

Yeah, after season ends. They are shuffled into nl, cannot be made. Its no different than LoD come on. When were you ever allowed to create Ladder Only runewords on nl with LoD?

Do you have a link? I would like to make sure myself. Also “should be available”, does it mean you will be able to create them in NL, or merely that if you created them in Ladder, you will have them in NL?

I don’t think they will give us any reason to prefer NL or SP over ladder.

You can always expect the ladder features to trickle down to NL when the season ends. Frankly, it’s always been a little stupid that NL is locked out of new items to the game. Ladder is the fresh start race environment, it’s never needed exclusive incentive to drive its community.

Well yes and no I would say, for some it may be the race and also the hype at ladderstart but I bet my azz that loooots of people would not touch ladder if they get the full content in NL or SP.

Oh well? Then it’s not that appealing to those players. Pumping arbitrary fomo into a game mode just means that the devs don’t trust that the game mode is any fun.

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Bumping this thread because it’d be nice to know. Not sure if I’d trust a blue reply since they clearly stated that we could make the S1 runewords in NL after S1 ended and we can’t, but whatever.

If people only play ladder for ladder-only content, they’d be happier playing NL.

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