No Darkwood exit in Underground Passage Lvl 1


I started PTR Testing today on Singleplayer with a barb (Softcore Normal).
I got to Underground Passage Lvl 1 and explored the full map 5 times now. I inspected each inch of the map. There is no exit to the darkwood. I have screenshots from the map but not sure how to post them here.

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If I had your map, I’d point out your exit tile. I’m guessing the exit didn’t show on your map.

I have the same problem. Also searched evreywhere.

Did you follow path/road to end?

There is a path in the underground?

Ah i thought they talk about stony field.

Well i would guess where the exit is, but its hard when they didnt post pictures.

Yeah sometimes the exit don’t show up on the map u have to stay on the exit to see it.

Same happened for me on the way to andariel.