No 2.4 PTR - Pathetic

You mean Activision… Yes Microsoft did buy Activision/Blizzard but the deal is not done until some approval for fiscal law are done.

It’s “business as usual” while the deal goes through

A filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission answered some basic questions about the impact of the buyout: That it “remains business as usual” with both companies operating independently until the deal is done, and that immediately layoffs aren’t anticipated. As for Kotick’s status, however, it said only that will be remain as CEO while things are wrapped up: “Once the deal closes, the Activision Blizzard business will report to Phil Spencer, CEO, Microsoft Gaming.”

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That deal is going through… don’t hold your breath.

I hope and I think it will. I have more hope for Microsoft, Activision and Bobby Kotick are way worse but that my opinion

My point was simply until the deal is ‘‘done’’ Activision are the one squeezing the juice not Microsoft.


Because the game is dead. No respected company treats their products this poorly. What is even more mind boggling is that they have a huge customer/fan base and they completely chose to treat them as if they don’t exist. Enjoy the game, just don’t expect anything from them.

I mean every thread has enough fan boys defending everything they do and justifying it. They even attack people for being “impatient”.

They took our money and have people on their side. Nothing will ever change. Just don’t spend another penny on a blizzard game or else you are complicit.

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Not quite…

“we expect PTR to be offline for a week or so while we prep for the next iteration”

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It’s been 2 weeks. Read the rest of it as well:

    Once we have the timing/date and details of those changes, we will be posting those and informing the community.

So much for transparency…

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Well with the delays up to this point, you’d think they’d be on the stick to get the game out of the unofficial beta stage sooner. The longer it takes, the more the community will feel alienated.

I’m in for the long haul, I can entertain myself with plenty of other activities until the ladder finally comes.

New players will lose interest. The diehard fans who have played the same game over the past two decades obviously don’t care…

I’ll tell you what happens. wow patch friday

My only hope is that Microsoft knows how to treat disblo like the goose that lays the golden eggs that it is.

the current incompetents have not known how to squeeze anything.
just look at the delay in deciding to develop d4.
or that they didn’t remaster d2 despite having hordes of fans wanting it.
How many million copies will a “remaster” have sold? 4 in 5 months??? (and this is not counting the promotion it would bring to D:I and D4 if they did things right)

it was a win/win and look what has happened… 20 years and now this

Well they had better tend to their pvm scene SOON or this game really will go into a state of being nearly as dead as D2original servers right before D2r released.

They need to tend to the pvm now because aint nobody gonna stay for the pvp too much longer in D2r. There are too many problems with the pvp in this game due to changes that were made on release, more changes they are planning on making, and in general strangely bad ping. Like the amount of double-tele that happens is just too frequent. The game is clunky and wonky in pvp.

If they don’t get this ladder online and functional soon, the D2r community will continue to shrink much faster than it should be. Just look at how many active forum users we’ve lost in about the past month, as example.

On the other hand though, you gotta wonder if this is planned. Maybe they just wanted a quick cash grab, and then purposely get people to burn out on this game so they are ready for a new release.

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more people would be pissed off if they released a ptr that doesn’t work because ladder integration doesn’t work with the new server code.

i think it is best that they wait and release something we can actually test/play

i do wish they would communicate better but that has been gone since ghostcrawler and Bashiok left


Yeah and meanwhile Bowzon is still a wannabe (in all aspects) java “Bozozon”, summoner druid is still garbanzo (thanks to the outdated overhauled afk/cheating magnet (pickit/botting) lootsystem) and barbs whirlwind is still bugged (randomly doing no dmg and BotD NOT triggering). All they did was a small amount of bugfixes and small tunings (not even all/mandatory ones like the barbs who is already the thrashiest class since this game is layed out to be played solo (which was not intended by blizzard) (but thanks again thrash overhauled lootsystem), but at least he has a decent mf potential with trav and is able to do solo ubers with omega expensive gear) which they could’ve done like 2-3 months ago already, but yeah they just simply don’t care it seems. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You realize you’re posting on the D2R forum, right? What someone in your Warcraft club said is irrelevant.

Besides, the fact that a PTR patch time table changed from expected is hardly a disaster.

what was a disaster is d2r from start till now - locked character so can not play, crashes, cooldown on games
this was more like beta than proper launch
people simply want proper start finally

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Didn’t they actually say that PTR is ending and that there would be an update about another round with Ladder and more changes in “the cooming weeks”?

I expected 3-5 weeks honestly.

this attitude is complete trash. the alternative isnt between waiting 6 months and getting it right or a broken ladder. They lied from the start and I am so sick of people rationalizing it with the “id rather wait and they get it right” bs. They HAD to release at sept 23 as part of their pre sale and they didnt have the game ready so they said “shortly after” to try and buy time. Then realized there are enough people like you that will defend their incompetence and lack of effort. This is a 20 year old game that ALREADY had a ladder system. Nothing new to design in terms of functionality. If you think this is even close to acceptable then you will buy anything

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And they deleted the topic entirely before one hour more or less