NLSC Have: 228/20 Raven Frost, Lo Rune, Poison, Fire, Physical Sunder charms. LF: Jah, Light sunder


As the title says, I have the following items for trade:

228/20dex Raven Frost
Lo Rune
86 Fire resist Sunder Charm
77 Poison resist Sunder Charm
19 Physical Sunder charm

The main things I’m looking for are a Jah(help me craft my first Enigma!), and a lightning sunder charm.

Thanks for looking!


Sadly, none of that is worth close to a jah. Ravenfrost are dime a dozen these days, and no one will pay for any of those sunders. Pretty much the only sunders with value are perfect.

That leaves you Lo, which, i not sure what current rates are, but you’re probably about 4 Lo short

Example being, I have a perfect fire sunder no one seems to want to buy lol

Try putting that raven frost on traderie, i think it’s about a ber for that stats. You gotta be patient though as market is slow these days. Jah maybe about 3 Lo these days but CMIIW


i have a terrible light sunder. 90%. any interest?

I’ll trade you a Jah for the Raven and Lo


Hi Giden, I’m up for that trade. Will be off and on all day today, hit me up - Nadox#1804

Damn, inflation is real I guess.

Any idea what a 242 ar 18 dex one is worth?

HRs went down in value so Ist, Token and Hel gained buying power vs HR.

Collect crafting mats which include some low runes: Ral, Nef and Sol are the main crafting mats. If you play and pick stuff up, you got HRs hiding in your inventory. Pick up all the things, junk jewels, cube flawless gems, even 10 mil gold is worth something. 40 of anything is usually worth something. Put together spirit packs, insight packs. I could use some 17 insights in any base (Iron Golem). Check any polearm for 4os, make an insight, check aura. Pick up useful/nostalgia uniques and check if they are perfect. Check traderie recent trades. Etc. Etc.

Are you still interested in the trade? I sent you a friend request on Bnet, and can log on anytime this evening. Thank you!

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