NL SC trading Ber for Jah

I need Jah rune. trading a Ber. 1:1

Good luck chief


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I’ll take 2BER for a JAH

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It won’t happen.
Jah nowadays minimum Ber+Lo but i see ingame Ber+Sur or 2 Ber’s .

Ah I see, just recently got d2r, haven’t played in years, out of touch with the economy. Thanks for the input.

Noob question:

Why would someone agree to trade 2 Ber for 1 Jah.
If i already have 2 Bers, why would i give them away for 1 Jah, when i can transmute them in the cube? The cost of the gem used is insignificant in my opinion.

Also I have seen others trade Jah+ to get 1 Ber. Which one is more expensive?

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Only time ber is more expensive than jah is very early ladder. As ladder progresses, jah overtakes Ber and its ultimate final value is roughly 2:1. I believe the reason for the discrepancy in value is just supply. The majority of HRs in circulation likely comes from bots. Bers and Jahs are roughly equal in runeword demand however over time, the fact that Jah is more rare, bots will likely acquire more bers than jahs. Regarding the cubing nature question, just look at it like 2x guls vs 1x vex. It’s always better to have 2x guls over 1x vex for flexibility reason but you still see people make that trade.


Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the cube comment, I still don’t get it.
If I have 2 Guls and i need 1 Vex, why would i agree to make the trade, when I can just cube them myself?

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Because sometimes its more convenient and faster to do a trade like this than to look or trade for the gem I am missing to cube it. Cheers!


It’s the other way around…
He has a JAH and wants to break it down to BER+; so your analogy would be:
"I have a VEX; does any1 wanna give me 2xGUL (cause you can’t ‘cube-down’ Runes)


I would gladly take 2 Gul for Vex. Or 2 Ber for giving one Jah.
But I don’t believe that the other one, would have any reason to agree to such trade.

I think it is what JLC said that Ber is more common than Jah and more avaialble in the market therefore Jah gains value over Ber by time.


From my experience trying to determine exact trade logic is pretty difficult. 2 gul is technically worth 1 vex, but on either end of the trade if you’re willing to wait you can trade gul+ for a vex, or get 2 gul for your vex.
Logically runes like eld shouldn’t even be in the realm of value of an ist, yet people can make a small fortune farming low runes that wealthier players don’t want to waste the time to farm

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hels are the new ists :sweat_smile:


To throw another one out there, In Hardcore, Bers stay more expensive. Everyone needs DR in HC.


That’s not the reason at all. Jah is slightly more common but 1 grade higher than Ber. The economy is under massive inflation right now. Runes had high value back then. Now runes are devaluing x1000+ faster than items because of massive botting. If the dev’s acted much earlier and really cared this wouldn’t have happened.

Hel’s should never be traded up for a high rune and I mean never. This is the consequences of massive botting. More inflation. Never ending print outs. The reserve is overloaded.

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You forget, every Sur is half a Ber as well.


I think it makes perfect sense what Aldo said……
Hels are the new ists
Basically for re rolls for PVP
I can safely say that Aldo and Arkitz and myself (along with almost everyone else in the forum discord) would take 100 hels over XYZ amount of ists, especially at this point

Side note…. I personally take everything toul and JLC as a golden standard — they are some of the best players out there