[NL] Offering Skill Charms

1x Shadow

1x Fire
1x Lightening 16% extra gold

1x Curses 7frw
1x Curses +3 str
1x Poison & Bone 4-11 cold dmg

1x Warcries
1x Warcries 1-2 fire dmg

1x Offensive
1x Defensive 25 poison 5 secs

1x Passive & Magic +23 life

Needs right now -

BK Ring - any
3os Archon Plate 5xx def

20 PGems for the Mastery charm.

May i purchase the lightning gc? Would you reserve it for me, sir Pauly.
Whats ur price?
I have an ist and a
Bunch of Pgems.

Add gegekunn#1431

Depending on how many pgems, im sure we can come to some arrangement, as long as a better offer doesnt come in the meanwhile :slight_smile:

Martial skillers x 2 sold to wowbagger :slight_smile:

Ist for this if you still have it kicking around?


I have an um for the pnb skiller if you want.


Sounds good. Let me know when you’re free. Add GEGEKUNN #1431

masteries skiller gone, t4t :slight_smile:

Is it all right to change my offer to TWOISTS to two-ISTs for the lightning GC.

NP, thanks for fast trade!

sounds good to me buddy. its reserved for you. Just let me know when your on :slight_smile: