New patch 2.3 - what changes to classes?

" * Barbarian, Druid, Paladin, and Sorcerress balance changes"

Is it possible to get more details on the changes?

There’s a link with the specifics. Click on the word “here” in their post.


Dude, there is a link in your own link
" and bug fixes click here ."

Which takes you to the 2.4 notes, and in red text it tells you the updates. Click on class changes, look for red text

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Ah! thanks for pointing the blind man to it :smiley:

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Basically they nerfed hydras and the aura buffs they previously implemented. Then they reduced the mana cost of War Cry, put Ravens back to 12 hits, and reverted the shapeshifting ias stuff.

Pretty terrible update overall IMO.


Those are some really good changes / rollbacks.

The shapeshift IAS fix is actual really good. that gives you the best of both the new version (easier to get IAS at lower level/gear, and also able to get the high IAS from the old one)

The only change I really don’t like - is the nerf to Hydra - it felt like it was in a good place with the +2% each of the 2 synergies.


They’re just disappointing after a week of feedback. We knew SS would get reverted, so I wasn’t really worried about that. Hydra nerf and aura nerfs were uncalled for. They don’t compare to any of the top builds for p8.

Then they didn’t make any other changes to fire druids, addressing the limit of one type of summons on the druid, holy bolts only hitting the undead, melee being in a bad state, grim ward still fearing etc.


You’re right - but they did listen to some of the feedback at least.
I don’t think they’re done with changes yet, so let’s see what we get.

I do hope they also change Plague to be either all weapons or all melee weapons.

This was also a nice welcoming change based on feedback:

  • Arrow and Bolt max quantity increased to 500
  • Throwing weapon quantity has been increased by 50%
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I feel like they decided a while ago the way things will work and only did this to see what we could break. Many things we brought up are totally ignored. Oh well this is why I stopped Alpha testing.

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I think holy fire nerf was ok, the dmg is still a lot more than current prod, hopefully it will be on par with holy shock. The increase they did was a bit much, it was doing way too much damage. This isn’t final yet so if people felt holy fire is too weak, they can tweak it again.

The druid ias change was a mistake which they corrected - good

Hydra - why did they nerf? no idea, it was doing good

Increase in arrows/throwing item quantity - really good QoL change


I expected a bit more than a half dozen roll backs, a mana decrease for 1 skill, and stack size boost for throwing weapons. There’s not really a lot to test now, since there was feedback on the initial 2.4 and what’s rolled back works like prior to PTR.

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I mean the holy fire Nerf was uncalled for. It only performs well in players 1 in cows and certain fire farming areas. He can’t compete with holy shock in chaos Etc. Then they reverted the buffs to holy shock and holy freeze also. Tell me how often you see holy freeze auradins?

the holy fire “nerf” does not kill any class. the buff was not needed, and it was too strong. was the “nerf” needed? not necessarily. was the buff needed? absolutely not

the SS change is great, if it works the way it is announced. greats job, devs!

and arrow/bolt/throwin quantity increased… GREAT!!


Holy fire buff was needed as it the dmg is way too low, even with 3 items boosting holy fire plus pally passives, it was doing way less than where holy shock was at.
They nerfed holy fire dmg by 20%, from 90 down to 70. It should still be viable hopefully but need testing again

Yeah and it needed top tier runewords to be really good, I think every build should be powerful in top tier gear otherwise why bother with any other build than hammerdin/javazon/blizzsorc.

I thought the shapeshift change was clever, though if their stated intent is simplicity, it’s certainly not that now.

Hydra was kind of overbuffed. Doubling the hydras and removing the cast delay already more than doubled the skill. Still, I wish instead of firebolt 3% and fireball 3% it was just firebolt 6%. It’s not like they are shooting fireballs anyhow. With fire mastery Hydra is an 80 point skills and I think 60 points is about as much as one skill should cost.