New cube recipes(alternate idea) + 1 whole new recipe

i sorta proposed a different way to create it in my wish list but…i have an idea to give it a spin

so first off…to be able to make these recipes you need a character lvl 99(transmute wont work if char isn’t lvl 99)…secondly this recipe should have a 1 month cooldown(so that it can’t flood the game market)

now for the ingredients(all Magic Rings, except 1 item)
Felicitous Ring(5-10% mf mod)
Rainbow Ring(8-11% All Resists)
Cobalt-Coral-Garnet or Jade Ring at choice(21-30% to a single resist)
Ring of the Apprentice(10% FCR)
Ring of Chance(5-15% MF)
Ring of the Titan(+16-20 Strength)
Wisp Projector(an extremely rare ring to sacrifice)
only 2 enemy have a decent drop it for it
Duriel…and TZ Andy(if you haven’t bug her tz loots)

result ? rare ring with all the magic rings mods(randomized)

why ? just to have this epic mfing ring :slight_smile:

and alike to the above(also lvl 99 char require to make…6 Magic Amulet + 1 unique Amy)
+2 to class skills prefix Amulet
Prismatic Amulet(16-20% All Resists)
Sapphire,Amber, Ruby, Emerald Amulet(at choice)
Amulet of the Apprentice(10% FCR)
Amulet of the Atlas(21-30 Str)
Amulet of the Colossus(41-60 Life) OR Amulet of Fortune(16-25% Magic Find)
and Metal Grid(extremly rare amulet drop)

the last magic amy choice is to let ppl choose between a mfing Amy or a serious Amy

like idea ? hate it ?nevertheless keep in mind that those wont be easy to make(yes its a bit of creep but how many ppl actually goes all the way to lvl 99 ? ;)…)…these can actually drop but at unrealistic % chance…and both require an absurdly rare item as catalyst to be able to transmute

oh and ofc…also 1 month cooldown for the amulet making(no flooding market of it)…can’t have plenty ppl begging the lvl 99 to make them now right ? XD