Nerf paladin? Kill this game!

Just because more feedback comes from hammerdin users? As far I remember you and your teammates promises that you will try keep this game as far close to old d2, hammer was ok for like 20 years and now bunch of d3 community kidos cry about it for something that will never use anyway because they can’t find single hr and we are talking about endgame like enigma… wake up

Spoken like a true hammerdin, the class is far and away from being balanced. Their safety with the shield and their fcr rate second best with hammers being able to dish out 15k damage easily and having no hard counters due to low magic immunes in hell they dominate and have very few variances to build this cookie cutter build needs a serious rework. Not to mention the synergy with concentration aura WAS a bug that should have been patched out so if you really want to be true to the original game then take away the synergy.


Nerf hammerdins kill the game. If they nerf hammerdins then they might as well go ahead and nerf javzon & Sorcs while they are add it… Which clear much faster than hammerdins.