Nerf it, change it, kill it!

Just because more feedback comes from hammerdin users? As far I remember you and your teammates promises that you will try keep this game as far close to old d2, hammer was ok for like 20 years and now bunch of d3 community kidos cry about it for something that will never use anyway because they can’t find single hr and we are talking about endgame like enigma… wake up, don’t kill this game!


hammerdin was never ok, should be nerfed long time ago


Hammerdin/Paladin is op AF mate, 90% of the player base is sick from you morons holding a button and p8-ing the whole content.
Swallow it.

Necro, druid, MA assa, WW barb are ded all the while…


lol nerf hammerdin. its not just op … its crazy op.


I tend to agree, hammerdin is clearly broken.


Let me guess, you play a hammerdin?


There is no reason they cannot continue balancing the game. Just because it was abandoned for so long does not mean it has to stay that way. Hammerdin is clearly broken. It would have been fixed if they didn’t discontinue updates.


and it probably would have been had blizzard north not dissolved into the ether.


I’m not even certain they are going to directly nerf Hammerdins. I’d be okay if they did as long as they don’t go overboard and drop it out of the top builds. I’d like it to remain as powerful as the Lightning Sorceress.

However, I read the statement more that they intend to do something to Terror Zones that will make life harder for Hammerdins in the Terror Zones. Thus, leading some to choose other builds so they can take more advantage of the Terror Zone.

I can’t think of anything that would do that except adding Magic Immune monsters to the Terror zones, so that’s what I’m expecting.

Rough news for Bone Necromancers if that’s the case. Though they might actually stay viable if it’s only some of the Terror Zone Monsters that get Magic Immunity. In that case they would just kill the other monsters and then Corpse Explosion to kill the Magic Immune monsters.

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You don’t nerf things that work, you buff things that don’t


I’m kind of dissapointed by this nerf coming. D2 was never about whatever was the best, it was about having fun in game, rolling different characters when you get bored of current one and trying something different. Every class has it’s perks and you want to gut paladins just because you can? Who gave you the right to change the game from what it was for players?
I’m far from maining paladin, always enjoyed trapsin the most, but can I roll op hammerding whenever I feel like? How is it taking enjoyment of other peoples gaming experience? Stop taking fun out of the game and balancing it around 0.01% sweaty tryhards… Look what a piece of garbage world of warcraft is now, after such development direction…


No. With buffs all over the place the game will be so boring and easy. It already is for certain builds (Sorc, Pala).

People cry that terror zones are too easy. You want even more buffs lol.

If you then suggest making terror zone more difficult, then why not just nerfing OP builds to begin with? Your logic makes no sense.


So you mentioned TWO classes out of seven and think that’s alright? People play whatever is the most effective, give other classess a chance to be part of it, instead of restricting it for the ones that can do the content. That’s great logic, I can’t have it so none of you should have it either…
How does this negatively affect your own gameplay? If it’s boring for you, try something else, roll another class, try something new. Nobody makes you roll hammerdin and play it 24/7.
And balancing game around bis gear is such a great idea, don’t even get me started on this…

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Sorry that some don’t do ondal-gaming. I’m so sorry. Also hammerdin nerf will solve your matrial assa problems.
Windy Druid can do solo CS as fast as hammer and clear solo p8 throne faster than hammerdin so swallow it.
Nacromancer is best class for farming (will beat any other build including hammerdin on p3/p5.
Barb? idk how you play the barb but I see WW barb as holding left click to clear whole game.

about TZs:
necro, nova/lightning sorc/java will outperform hammerdins by miles. you will see on leaderboards.

bone skill’s dmg needs to be affected by concentration aura and it will be more than fine.

these are two separate facts. terror zones ARE too easy (and unnessessary), and some builds ARE underperforming (meele builds/bone necro/bowazon)

As I wrote in few other topics, there are 2 ways of playing the game:

  • 1st for fun - then you play whatever build you want and have fun
  • 2nd you try to be competitive - here you have limited choices but the fact that something works (and no, hammerdin is far from being broken) doesn’t mean that you need to kill it. there is still for example nova/lightning sorc, javazon, windy druid that are super competitive on PvM. Competitive gaming is always limited. Same in real life and in games. 99% olympic sports have one tactics that everyone follows, in Magic The Gathering there are up to 4 decks at the time that are better then others, in WoW you have builds for raids, etc, etc.

this is the problem here on this forum. people who struggle getting enigma are commenting 10-20HR setups thinking that they have any idea what they’re talking about. 2 days ago I spent 3hours thinking that I have a chance to convince a dude that TZs are bad then I’ve read that he didn’t even start PTR.

don’t try bullsh here. D2 was not about having fun, it was about having 0 updates in 20 years. And these updates have been necessary for ages

Ofcourse updates were necessary. Let’s start from bigger stash, stackable runes and gems, more character slots. These are vital updates for the game and there is no sight of it.
But hey, as long as you nerf hammerdin everything is fine.

b-hammer dmg should not be nerf…it barely has enough power to kill ubers and take quite long

however…providing magic sorb items for pvp would fix the whining

if talking about pve…hammerdin get outclass by a fair amount of other builds in term of dmg…although…hammerdin is the most versatile as there almost no enemies in the main farm zones immune to hammers

in regard to dude mentionning bone spells necro
bone spear to work alike to plague jav(leave dots trail in the area for a short time)
bone spirit need to shoot out extra spirits vs non-players enemies(1 extra every 8 levels)

that way bone necro gets a way to actually deal dmg to mobs and bosses

Something has to be done.
Hammerdin is way too easy to play.


nerf Hammers. It’s too op.


Nerf hammerdins kill the game… Nerf Sorcs and javzons!!!