Need new chest armor runeword for driuds

it’s real simple.

make a runeword with Oskill Dragonflight on it.
enable Dragonflight to be castable in werewolf and bear form.

it’s literally that simple.

Call the Runeword something like Pounce or Scent of Blood or whatever but not literally whatever.

+2 all skills (has to have skills or cant keep up with other armors)
+30% attack speed (a given, maybe more speed though)
+5-10 to Attack Rating per Clvl (you never see cats miss what they pounce on)
+20 light radius (predator animals have the best lazer night vision)
lifesteal +6%‑10% (can go with regen life instead but think of wolverine)
33% Chance Of Open Wounds (you tear and rip and shred their flesh very bloody)
+1 Dragonflight (the whole point, shapeshifter will pounce attack enemies)

now you have a literal bestial druid lore mobility pounce attack.

that easy. i dont even get paid for these amazing ideas. i should, but i dont.