Necro that becomes a spirit/angel/cloud thing?

There is a Necro build that used to join my games… not seen him in a while…
He was using minions, CE and bone wall… and the Necro would sometimes “shapeshift” into this eerie black spirit/angel/cloud thing…
What is that build?
Whatever it was, it was fun to play along side, and, it one shot everything in the Throne Room.

Minions CE and bone wall is probably a Summoner, but in all honesty it doesn’t describe any specific build. The fact you don’t mention Poison Nova or Bone Spear means it was probably a summoner.

I’m guessing the Necy was turning into a Vampire, the guys in Arcane who cast firewalls and drop meteors on you. A full Trang set transforms you into this thing. It has drawbacks as it lowers your casting rate to something abysmal, thus why he was probably swaping in and out of form.

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Thanks Rondel, always appreciate hearing from you.
I do not recall for certain (pretty sure) if he was in Vampire form before the transformation into the black Spirit/Cloud/Cube thing or not… very eerie and ominous…
Thing that trips me out - is - I searched for photos and videos of such online, and could find nothing.
His cast rate may have been poor, but, in many places, esp the Throne room, he was most impressive.

that Black Spirit you speak of is the effect of tragoul’s set, the set not only transform you in to a ghoul lord like vampire, but also since it is a elite class set it displays an bright yellow aura around the player’s character whole body, and hence your talking about spirit /cloud. the set itself also has some sorceress skills such as meteor or fireball, full tragoul’s set is rarely used by players, since the low cast rate, and there being better alternatives, although the visual effect is cool…

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Visual effect is mesmerizing… eerie… ominous… and dark af.
The visual I speak too has no resemblance to the Vampire with an aura…
It is this massive black living/pulsing-cloud-spirit hovering “thing”… probably 3 or 4 players in size.
I have searched the inter-webs for a image/video and have seen nothing remotely similar.
He joined a game of mine (while playing with another friend) last week, and I asked him to show his gear… I do not remember it (adult beverages/vapors), but there was some random blue items, some really intresting crafted stuff… and Trang’s set (mostly things I do not have knowledge/exposure of/to).
I cannot speak to his fcr… but he certainly does not struggle to keep up with a lvl99-WW/Frenzy/Barb and a lvl99-Fanata/Zealot… matter of fact, he was actually the show… thinking he was laying back waiting on us.
I might have to learn about the Necro once my Summons Druid hits lvl99.
I am beyond intrigued.

Much appreciate your comments.

Say hi to my stabbing fishymancer with a dagger :smiley:

watched the whole thing, great vid.
Nothing like I was trying to describe tho… this dude shape shifts into a black “rubix-cube” floating thing that emits black flames, or, wings, or, aura’s… it, outta control.