My summoner/werewolf hybrid build

My current build is a druid summoner/werewolf hybrid and its an absolute blast to play.
You can clear any content in the game without problems.

Thanks to my zoo and especially the bear with almost 7k hp can do ubers easily.
I know the a2 might + pride/reaper merc would probably do a little bit more single target damage, but running the a1 frost merc with mist (100% pierce) negates one of the biggest disadvantages of the summer druid, which is the lack of AOE. So cows are no problem either.
Also the area freeze synergises very well with your minions so they dont have to chase running targets

You can switch between caster form with crossbow and werewolf when you want to engage melee. Due to the partial melee gear and faith in a crossbow you have really good dmg in wolf (11k AR with 5,5k dmg at 24 frames fury with 50%+ LL) an no problems with repairing your weapons!!!

The best thing is that this combines telestomp with a real solid melee component.

I can engage actively or when im lazy let my minions to all the work.

If you want to min/max the dmg you can swap your offhand call to arms with lacerator to proc amp dmg, but i dont do that because this setup already provides enough damage.

I mostly run with solar creeper out because i dont have mana leech on gear and dont like to pot, but you can switch to carrion vine on more difficult fights

build in charplanner:
(sorry cannot post links)

Would be nice to get some feedback and possible optimizations for this build :smiley:

Edit: i know this build is pretty expensive, a budget version would use 4pc Immortal King on yourself (hammer, hands, belt and boots) and your merc could be act2 might with pride / The Reaper’s Toll, treachery and some leech helmet


give merc Darksight, Ondal’s, Cure, or Andy’s. Guilly has nice FHR but not much else for her.

So basically a gear guide as skill pts are pretty standard.
Fury zoo build with emphasis on wolverine to buff wolf

Yeah the main difference of my build to the standard zoo builds is our strongest pet the merc.

The Act 1 Merc provides amazing crowd control and AoE damage when wearing the runeword Mist.
The single target damage loss from not using act2 merc is easily compensated by the werewolf component and provides a smoother experience as you are not reliant on telestomping

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