Mosaic Runeword & Martial Art Sin

Mosaic Runeword:
Overall, like the design! Martial Art Sin has her unique damage dealing system, i.e. charging phase during which no significant damage is dealt, and releasing phase where all the damage is. So a free proc of finishing move not consuming charges will help assassin tremendously to deal more damage.
However, the inadequacy in this RW design is that:
There should be a clear visual indicator when Mosaic procs. Without an indicator, during the heat of a battle, it’ll be really hard to count the charge orbs around your character, and you’ll probably be doing you normal skill rotation anyway, i.e. charge-release-charge-release, thus not benefiting from Mosaic Runeword. And myself as a player of martial art assassin main, l can confidently tell you this: I rely 90% on my muscle memory to do the skill rotation, and only 10% on counting the charge orbs around my character.
A resource bar for special classes is also much needed and appreciated, whether it’s various charge counts for Martial Art Sin, Feral Rage & Maul buff stacks for Shapeshifting Druid, or Frenzy stacks for Barb etc.
This can extend to all buffs like Battle Command, Battle Order, Energy Shield, Frozen Armor, Burst of Speed, Fade etc. An option in game where a buff timer can be toggled on/off could help a lot, players will know exactly when their buffs are going to expire, especially those crucial ones! And since it is an option just like “quick cast”, players who prefer the old way can toggle off and will not be affected.

Martial Art Skill in general:
Next Hit Delay of Phoenix Strike
Both the second and the third charge of Phoenix Strike have next hit delay of 0.16s. This is strictly prohibiting Phoenix Strike Assassin from doing adequate damage.
With Mosaic being adapted, more and more “free procs” of Phoenix Strike will occur, and whether using Dragon Talon or Dragon Claw as finishing move, the gap between 2 consecutive attacks is well below 0.16s. Thus despite all the glaring visual effects of 2nd and 3rd phoenix filling the screen, the actual damage dealt to monster is underwhelming.
A level 53 Phoenix Strike 3rd charge can only do 3 thousand damage, I just do not think a next hit delay mechanism is needed here, not to mention this will also prevent the 2nd phoenix charge doing damage within 0.16s window since they are two contiguous charges. For the second charge of phoenix, deleting next hit delay could mean over-boosting its damage, in this regard the damage value of 2nd phoenix charge could be tuned down a little bit if the next hit delay were to be removed.


Totally agree to remove the NHD for Phoenix Strike.
The ice missile damage is indeed a bit too low. Even if remove the NHD, the total damage is still lower than Blizzard Sor (and Asn has no Skill to reduce the target cold res) .

For 2nd layer Phoenix Lightning part, I don’t think the damage is too high after removing NHD.
First, the NHD needs to be removed for this missile. Now it is not “Chain lightning”, but a special lightning bolt (just extends curve forward lightning).
1-10K per missile, average 5K damage per missile , 6 missile total per cast. compare to Ama skill “charged strike” and “lightning Furry”, the total damage is still lower.

resource bar is a good idea! Just like WOW~

Also, I like the rune word “Mosaic” !
If the claw mastery can also provide +1% chance to Not consume the charge ball in the Finish move per level, it would be another option for the ASN Material Art build!

I’d love to see a video of these skills modded to not have NHD on players 1 and players 8. It’s hard to gauge how much is armchair theory vs. tested when talking about damage without NHD on these.