Mini Map loading wrong map

I just noticed in Nightmare Act1 at the Forgotten tower. My mini map is already loaded when I create a new game. But, the already loaded mini map is wrong. It’s overlaying the correct mini map, and is very confusing.


I experienced that same overlapping of maps when I was running Mephisto runs. The map is loaded in new game but from the previous game overlapping the new one.

Same here, Catacombs map is a mess…

Im experiencing the same while doing countess run in hell.
Minimap is loading the map from my previous runs and its overlaping the current.
Here is an exemple image: Check this image in imagur to see the bug: /

Edit: After more testing, seems to happen every 4 or 5 game without restarting the game.
Restarting the game fixes it for another 405 game but this is geting old alrdy…

I’ve also had this bug in NM doing Andy and Meph.

Same here, Black marsh loading previous games map.
Seems like something isn’t getting cleared between loading new game and old game.
I did a save and quit and started a new game relatively quickly, about 3 secs.

The same error occurs when doing baal runs. Maps from Lvl2, lvl3 and throne are cached from previous game.

Hi there,
I encountered several time in the Black Marsh map and the Black Tower, in A1, some strange map generation where the loaded map were not consistent withe minimap. The minima showed like many different exits where these exits didn’t appear in the map itself.
This appeared during my rune farming.

I have the same problem, tunnels meph andy, every after 3-4 runs show another level minimap. This on tunnels with two doors xD /

Seeing the same thing doing normal countess runs.

Encountered same issue with Catacombs 2 map.

Go into your windows profile/savedgames/ D2R and delete the map files that don’t belong there and since I figured this out I am not having this occur anymore. Just compare the files to another character to figure out which map files are extra.

posted 3 days ago, still haven’t been fixed. wake up blizzard, wake up “community” “manager”.