Metamorphosis with Mark of the Wolf or Bear stops Human form casting

When using the new runeword “Metamorphosis” Once you have mark of the bear or the mark of the wolf you can’t use a CTA to use battle orders or use hydra charges from the torch when you are in human form i.e. you cannot use any skills that you would not be able to normally use while shapeshifted.


want to add that it does not only affect druid, also other characters (tested with Assassin with runeword Beast).

seems like the buffs from Metamorphisis treat you as a “werewolf” or “werebear” form despite not being in these forms anymore

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Tested both forms, it appears war cries can’t be cast with either active.

this seems intentional and to stop people from prebuffing?

do u know how broken this would be if u were allowed to just prebuff that on barb and go on ur way with tele ww?

I couldnt use enchant after mark of the bear also.

I could cast BO before, but once the buff ended, I couldnt recast when I turned back into a human. Tried it again and I noticed it’s only bugged if I use a waypoint.
If I stand outside town, I can shift back and forth and nothing is blocked. Soon as I use a waypoint, the skills get locked out.

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