Metamorphosis mark of wolf life buff DOES NOT WORK

mark of wolf claims to give a 40% maximum life buff when active:
-PTR lvl 90 druid in werewolf form : 3225 life
-After attacking an enemy to activate mark of the wolf : 3606 life
This is a total increase of 381 life, nowhere near 40% of my max life in werewolf form when the buff was applied
in human form my life goes from 1222 to 1604, total increase of 382 life.
From the numbers this mechanic seems bugged, why is my life increasing by a constant value whether im in werewolf form or human form? Is anyone else noticing this?

You don’t mention the oak, do you have that? Cause if you do, I suppose the 40% is just additively combined into whatever % the oak gives, and doesn’t actually add 40% on top of your total life after all buffs.

Mark of the wolf is scripted poorly he’s correct. You can’t even use Battle orders anymore once you have had mark of the wolf active once.