Mercenary Screen Sometimes Shows Wrong Skill Levels

On the PTR, the tooltip in the Mercenary Screen for Enchant for the Iron Wolves (Eastern Sorcerers) will be wrong when the mercenary the difficulty is hired in does not supply a breakpoint for the level at which it was hired. In Hell difficulty, there are no breakpoints for lower level mercenaries, they all use one breakpoint set at base level 80 (intended).

However, for Enchant, when using this Hell breakpoint to give a mercenary its stats when it falls under the breakpoint’s level, all skill levels will decrease as intended in the Mercenary Screen except for Enchant.

The base levels for the skills of this breakpoint are: Enchant, 26; Fire Bolt, 27; and Fire Ball, 25. These are the skill levels the Iron Wolf will have when hired in Hell at level 79. This same breakpoint is used for all Fire Iron Wolves hired in Hell (intended).

When the Iron Wolf is level 40, he will have the following skill levels (intended): Enchant, 1; Fire Bolt, 14; and Fire Ball, 12. This is also what the Mercenary Screen shows. No issue.

When the Iron Wolf is level 24, he will have the following skill levels (intended): Enchant, 0; Fire Bolt, 9; and Fire Ball, 7. This is not what the Mercenary Screen shows. The Mercenary Screen shows the skill levels of Fire Bolt and Fire Ball correctly, but the Mercenary Screen shows his Enchant at level 26, despite being a lower level than the previous Iron Wolf.

The Iron Wolf will not use this Enchant, however. It is as though he doesn’t have it (intended). The Mercenary Screen shows that he does have it at an erroneous level, though. The same issue is of note with a level 21 Fire Iron Wolf.

With a level 13 Fire Iron Wolf (lower than level 18, so not able to use the skill due to level requirement), the Mercenary Screen behaves as intended. Enchant has a red overlay and shows “First Skill Level” stats, indicating it has no skillpoints.

It seems as though the issue stems from the possibility that a Mercenary is able to roll to skill level 0 or below on a skill before they reach the mercenary level where they would be unable to use the skill due to level restriction. In this circumstance, any skill level of negative value (and possibly 0 as well) will be set to the base level of the skill of the breakpoint, but will NOT have access to the skill. This would be a LCS (lying character screen) issue only.

This issue may not occur in production, as it may not be possible to obtain the mercenary levels from the aforementioned breakpoint in the live game (as this was tested with a modded Hirelings.txt to remove the character level association restriction on mercenary levels).