Melee lack of clear speed!

Right now as melee lover (Werebear) playing as melee character compered to magic caster is lacking way to much in clear speed… After 1.10 this game lost its charm for me… you see teleporting casters everywhere using Boo and etc. kinda broke the character fantasy when everyone can doo the same thing (expect melee) Give higher boost to AR will be lovely or nerf caster with higher mana cost/delays to be fair compered to melee… Right now as Werebear i need 2-3 minutes to clear Meph hell while hammerdin with enigma can doo that in like 20 sec…

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True that! I think they need to add Splash Damage (Damage Area) in melee attacks so it can hit more than 1 target at a time.

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while I agree melee suffers from slower clear speed, I overall enjoy clearing with melee more. I dunno it is just more satisfying, even if non optimal. I don’t think the devs are trying to balance that part of the game though. They may make certain options better but I don’t think they are trying to equalize, I personally think fire claw should be AOE, by way of making a explosion of fire damage on hit. Because the skill has always lacked personality. Since fire zealers and enchant sorcs can basically do the same thing but better in many cases.

Leap attack should do at least 1/4 if not 1/2 weapon damage on landing in AOE. Martial assn just need some gear changes to make there melee AOE better at clearing. Paladins and zons have plenty of melee aoe options now, its just barbs and druids that need the most help.