Login Queue Problem


To diagnose and address them swiftly, we need to make sure the “herding”–large numbers of players logging in simultaneously–stops. To address this, we have people working on a login queue, much like you may have experienced in World of Warcraft. This will keep the population at the safe level we have at the time, so we can monitor where the system is straining and address it before it brings the game down completely. Each time we fix a strain, we’ll be able to increase the population caps.

The reason I have to login more than once is because the game crashes. It seems logical that having to sign in less per hour would reduce traffic to login servers. Curious how many logins are a result of a player’s game crashing.

I’m also curious… when I login it takes me maybe 2-3 seconds.

Takes 30+ seconds to login when I’m in queue position 2; took a 2 minutes to move from position 3 down to 2. The efficiency of this queue is pretty questionable, to be investing time in it rather than more direct improvements.