Loading Screen Vulnerability & File Size Limit

The developers have done great work on a pretty extensive list of bug fixes for 2.5, but two issues still remain: Loading Screen Vulnerability and File Size Limit…

First, I don’t understand why we can’t fix the loading screen vulnerability issue? It was fixed in the Beta, but never made it to release. Just make the character invunerable to damage until all assets are loaded on screen. Lets make it so hardcore players don’t lose sleep over Duriel.

Second, D2R has a 8 KB limit for save files, which includes your character information, inventory, etc. The problem with 8 KB limit is the personal stash size was increased to 10x10 from 6x8, meaning it’s much easier to exceed the 8 KB limit when you have a lot of items. If you surpass this limit, the game will crash. In today’s environment, memory is dirt cheap and the developers should simply double to 16 KB to mitigate this issue.

As this PTR is focused on bug fixes, please consider fixing these two issues. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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