Light Radius is nearly useless in D2R graphics

This bug isn’t specific to the PTR but it’s more likely the devs will see it here and I think it’s probably something that can easily be fixed.

0 Light Radius (default):

+8 Light Radius (max):

-8 Light Radius:

-12 Light Radius:

0 Light Radius vs +8 Light Radius makes a huge visibility difference in original D2 graphics while it’s almost impossible to tell the difference in D2R graphics (you can easily compare by opening the images in new tabs and switching between them). Negative Light Radius seems to be working as intended.

Here’s my brightness settings for reference:

While I do greatly appreciate that the devs kept the same dark atmosphere it would be nice if Light Radius were as meaningful in D2R graphics as it is in original D2 graphics.

I was thinking about light radius in general earlier, hopefully I stay on topic or spin this into a brain storm.
I found this on arreat summit, suffix - light radius…
“The base Light Radius is 13. The Max Light Radius you can have is 18 so anything more than net +5 to Light Radius will not matter.”
So that alone made me think this mod is pointless. Even testing negative light radius vs monsters some time ago…they still saw me with demonic undead night vision.

I was thinking, even if passive, reworking light radius and adding gold pick up radius would make this a more worth while mod.