Let’s fix druids



  • Power up skills apply all their bonuses to all attacks when they are active
  • Power up skills if not refreshed for 20 seconds lose 1 charge per 2 seconds rather than all charges at once
  • Power up skills take 5 hits to fully charge regardless of level
  • All non damage dealing skills from other classes now castable in wereforms, wereform FCR nerfed to Amazon FCR level
  • Can directly transform between wereforms
  • Lycanthropy remove Werewolf as prerequisite and add FRW as passive
  • Hunger switches position with Fire Claws on skill tree, prerequisites are Maul and Feral Rage now
  • Hunger now does a leaping attack of 8 yards max to target or location, if your target is in melee range you perform attack without leaping, you can leap over obstacles and line of sight required
  • Hunger is uninterruptible, always hit, damage penalty removed, fix bug that causes you to miss


  • Rabies cap duration at 8 seconds but keep the same damage
  • Feral Rage FRW buffed to Frenzy levels
  • Fury is uninterruptible


  • Reverse attack speed calculation nerf, make 4 frame attack possible again
  • Werebear no longer has uninterruptible
  • Fire Claws is a Werebear only skill, prerequisite is Shock Wave now
  • Fire Claws is uninterruptible, now cleaves hitting 1 target adjacent to primary target, synergies changed to Armageddon only and damage is increased to compensate.
  • Shock Wave increase base skill damage, NHD reduced to 3 frames, replace Maul synergy with Hurricane synergy, add Cyclone Armor synergy for ED, projectiles can be blocked, spell damage affected by Spirit of Barbs aura



  • Firestorm CD removed
  • Molten Boulder CD removed
  • Fissure NHD reduced to 4 frames
  • Volcano NHD reduced to 4 frames balls and 6 frames eruption
  • Armageddon has increased base duration to 20 seconds and radius to 6 yards, add Fire Claw synergy for ED


  • Arctic Blast projectile speed is faster and behaves more like a beam
  • Twister remove Arctic Blast synergy, increase stun length, NHD reduced to 20 frames, gains damage aura like Tornado
  • Tornado NHD reduced to 20 frames
  • Hurricane castable in wereforms, increase base duration to 20 seconds, add Shock Wave synergy for ED
  • Cyclone Armor add Shock Wave synergy for enhancing damage absorption



  • Spirits take half damage from all sources
  • Spirit of Barbs aura enchants enemies instead, in addition to attacker takes damage enemies take increased damage from spells, effect stronger at higher skill level and capped at 25%, summons using physical attacks does not trigger effect


  • Ravens does cold damage and chills
  • Spirit Wolf does physical damage and has open wounds
  • Dire Wolf has deadly strike
  • Grizzly has crushing blow and now cleaves hitting 1 target adjacent to primary target


  • All vines can be active at same time