Legacy ladder reset?

I’m confused as to why there hasn’t been an announcement yet. It would be nice if a date was given so people could plan their week/day to accommodate the wonderful experience of a ladder reset. Contrary to popular belief, this game is still alive and well and we all want to continue experiencing the ladder reset!

Biggest problem: It is NOT a revenue source for A-B. Rather, it is an ongoing expense. So they have minimal incentives to do anything.

Announced, 3 days to sort your stuff and get ready … doubt I can now book time off work for weekday reset so this is possibly my last ladder in legacy.
Good luck all!

@Strangely, You’ll be back. We all come back eventually. There is no escape.

I did create a new toon as soon as it reset but was surprised how few people were there. Kept playing for a while but pretty soon noticed most were bots.
Been over an hour now and there’s only 4 public games !
Probably test my ladder worded gear (mostly amazon bows and a riftasin/din) in nl then see how I move forward :smile:

Yep, lol, easy to find myself on the ranks.