[Ladder Softcore] WTB 5os Ghost Spear

I am paying Mal for it. Must be non-eth. Ladder softcore

Is it ladder or non ladder?
Edit: if you don’t mind with 5os mancatcher (currently socketed with obedience), i have it (no ghost spear unfortunately)

I appreciate it but my build gear is meant for the Ghost Spear breakpoints

No worries! Are you playing on spearzon?

I’m making a WW barb using a Ghost Spear Obedience

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Did you get the spear? A cow just dropped 5os ghost spear for me if you’re still looking for it

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I am still looking for it, I can give you a Mal but I won’t be home for 7 hours

no worries about that, as I’m not in america zones, its actually night time here so I can grab some sleep first :rofl:

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Hi, I am ready whenever you are, I will be on Americas in game called: ghost

Nvm, let me know when you are on

Hey I’m on now. My btag is dunstheater#1902 ,or lemme know if you’re still in game

Okay great, I am in Americas game called: ghost

Okay, I’m going there, just a sec

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tyvm, trade completed!

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