Ladder launch date - a week or two after 2.4 hits?

PezRadar: “As for ladder, we are anticipating launching that a week or two after 2.4 hits. Why a week or two? Because we want to ensure that we can address any issues that may arise with the launch of a large update like this to a much larger audience than PTR. Sometimes these come up and we want to ensure the integrity and competitive nature of ladder doesn’t run into any snags.”

I think a lot of people are going to take some days off to play ladder (I’m one of them at least)
“a week or two” is not very specific, and hard to book in vacation days a week ahead of ladder launch.

Please reconsider this, and be more specific.

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They usualy give a date one week before Ladder launch. Atleast that’s how they do it whit D3.


Guess ladder will launch end of April

For you, it’s going to be July. Next year. :laughing:

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Wait, someone tell me if i get this correctly. So, non-ptr patch hits, everyone rolls to play then after a week or two another reset with ladder start?
Or when the patch comes live there wont be any ladder reset so we can test it out on global servers with our already existing characters?

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The latter. When patch hits, you can use your current characters.

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