Ladder ends next week

Probably got asked this a million times… buuuuuut is there any news on that reset that you could share?

Thanks for the hard work!


It’s worth waiting til the ptr completes

And 1 week later not even a “News are cooming soon” :smiley:

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Sad………we need to wait again

I understand being late but sick of no news…

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PTR has to be done by now. Even if you saw someone else test on youtube, I’m sure everyone has voiced something. TBH its gonna be their call anyways. Not all our feedback matters.

The trick is to convince Llama that your idea is his idea

That way blizzard will do everything they can to cater to his almighty will

Which ultimately will lead to you idea being implemented

Kind of nice for the devs if they actually just follow their lead. The popular streamers do a review, subscribers respond, streamers do another video based on that feedback. Can basically just watch how they react to the viewers. All speculation, but at the end of the day, I bet they go live with the changes as is, and then nerf/tweak it in another ptr.

Not even close to true. Llama + The Devs on stream said ladders would last 3-4 months. They can’t even follow both of their own ideas that people actually seemed excited about.

Meanwhile Cherl in accounting came up with TZ, and they simp team jumped right on it. It was crazy how many posts there were in the forums about wanting terror zones in the game.

bump on the newssss…

We won’t get anything until Tuesday at the earliest due to Labor Day weekend, Thursday would probably be more likely though.

This PTR is gonna go for weeks isnt it? And if we get another ‘soon’ update, I will throw a fit like a child. Most likely with my child.

Do you get joy from making us wait? Are you not entertained?!?

PTR post coming later today.


Why are notifications made on third party sites? Why cant we have notifications on the app startup…


it is hype to not use its own forum

soon you ll get the patch note on TikTok. make your acc

If the PTR note is coming later today, and your post is 15 hours old already - is it late? or is it somewhere i havent looked?

Here it is :sob:

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and some more info

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Pretty sure it will be at end of september.

i hope ladder ends next week, with the way the game goes we need 1 week long ladders now. Gee, Thanks Blizzard. just 110 days of dry time between resets.