Ladder ends next week

Please Gentlemens (and Ladies? omg!), lets keep our dignity waiting for PTR news :joy:. (I cant wait to see it too though).

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Better than no info.

Wow not even a full month and you’ve done all that in a game you knew nothing about.

Great first post humble brag

Now you’re already trash talking the devs in a game that you just started 2 weeks ago

Please teach me how to be like you


Yeah but imagine that your toilet doesn’t flush anymore, you call a plumber and he fixes it so now it flushed 1 time out of 10

Then somebody says “better than nothing”


when did i say that? been playing Diablo since 1997 then D2 in high school, bough the game for $5 on the aug 3rd sale using free $20 paypal gift. and yes communication… D3 gets 2 weeks notice before reset/ptr or are you just salty that i did what takes most 2 months in less then a month?
Edit: your that slow clicker that wines about people stealing… SMH

Why did you decide to brag about how good you are in two weeks before trying the address a communication problem with the devs?


“Just so you know I have just bought the game and got every item I need to complete my Hdin in 2 weeks”


The devs need to communicate more”

Hi all -

I know it has been a bit quiet on the D2R front especially this week as all other Diablo titles have had some sort of news.

But fear not, we are hoping to share some news about PTR next week. A bit late I know and a bit outside of our windows we were aiming for with ladder seasons but the team is working on a feature that they would like to test in PTR that is pretty big and they want to make sure we can get accurate feedback on it before it goes live in the PTR.

Hoping we can share more next week and if not, it surely will be the week after.


Thank you for the response Pez.

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Sweet mother of Zeus. Swapped to the this between watching some videos, and didn’t expect to get feedback this week as it’s pretty late on Friday now. However, if I am reading this correctly, we are having a PTR before the regular PTR? Much like how season 1 PTR played out with the Database change PTR before the balance change PTR? Interesting.


Feature = new and improved FHR system??? :smiley:



Solo Ladder or PVP Arena?

Massive respect to these devs, definitely the greatest devs of all time.


So it was YOU who rigged the magic 8 ball?!! :rofl: j/k

Thank you for the response!


Feature = clicking the gem activated processes a 5$ charge to your CC and you get 3000%EXP boost for the duration of your next game. :rofl: j/k


Thanks for the update Pez! Excited to see what the big “feature” will be and for the rest of the changes in the PTR as well.


Well, if a big new feature, I’m wondering if it’s game changing. I can’t see them needing extra feedback for something along the lines of a basic loot filter, however I can see extra time needed for something to the degree of a currency stack tab, which would require precision on season rollovers. While I’d love to see a personal loot system, I’m not holding my breath that it would be what they are working on. I also don’t buy a SSF mode, as they made their stance on players x being that they don’t want more reasons to not play together, which is exactly what a SSF is; more reasons to not play together.

Hopefully next week, they will have made enough progress to share.


I’m thinking a few possibilities: currency stash/stack tab, loot filter, or even crossplay (probably not but that’d be absolutely amazing).

Or perhaps something else entirely, guess we’ll see. :smile:


In game market board would also be a big feature. Crossplay I could see the extra time needed, because if they were going to start the season with crossplay, they’d have to find a way to include consoles on the PTR, and possibility of in game chat + mouse and keyboard play, which would also require intensive testing to make sure each console could handle the variance of the graphical overlay with minimal issues while in kb/m mode.


If we look at some of the biggest gameplay feature requests, it turns into D2R Bingo:
Stack Tab
Charm Inventory
Loot Filter
Personal Loot
In game Market Board
PvP Arena
Cross Play
Chat + Kb/M support for consoles

I’m pretty much leaning towards it being currency tab. It’s something already previously mentioned by the devs, and they collected data on stacking in surveys last year.


i don’t understand how we say thank you when he honestly didn’t give us anymore information…

sure he said something, but honestly… what he said is the equivalent of nothing.

not even a hint of what they’re working on… gotta be kidding me.


Whatever it is - make it atleast optional.