Keybinds getting reset again and again

Dear Blizzard!

Every time I am launching the game my keybinds are getting reset again. For the love of God, FIX IT !!!
Some people said there is a workaround for this bug by renaming the character keylog files with upper case. Done that, same sh*t happens over again.
I am really sick and tired of having numerous issues after every patch\maintenance.
Lot of people purchased the game from one of the biggest studios in gaming, yet it seems like the developers are either sleeping or they simply don’t care. For a minor bugfix players have to wait days if it gets fixed at all.

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same here. I have to rebind my skills on my controller every day. On top of that, the order of the characters in the list is reset every time I launch the game.

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Looks like the names are suddenly back to normal for me and the control issue is fixed as well. Not sure if everyone else is seeing this fixed too?

It’s always a good idea to check the Blizz Tracker at the Forums Index for updated information.

From 3 days ago (as of this post):