It's people trying to run dupe programs

Following your logic then why arent more triple a games infested with hackers? You heard of hackers on WoW? Because i never did and its the same company. Indie games are full of hackers because they mainly have no power to deal with them.

Some games have more bugs than others. The number of bugs depends on a lot of factors:

  • The experience of the developers (did they work on a similar project before?)
  • The time those developers got to implement different parts of the game
  • How many times did the game designers change their mind during development? (This reduces the time available to the implementation of individual features.)

Part of it is luck but time and money can make you luckier. WoW is a subscription based cash cow. It probably receives more funds for ongoing development than a game with a “one time purchase” model so it has a huge advantage over something like D2R. A game like D2R may receive 1-2 bugfixes and minor QoL improvements before the developers abandon it. Will the devs have time to fix all bugs that make cheating possible? No if the “bosses” move them to other more profitable projects (games with various types of subscriptions that include battle passes).

This is the mechanic that ALLOWS duping to happen…

Actually, WoW was full of botters for a long time…That’s the entire reason they changed how gathering professions work. There’s also a lot of account theft etc. The idea that WoW has any shortage of cheaters is nothing less than a bad joke.

In fact, almost every on-line game in existance is full of cheaters.

The reality of game development is that it’s almost impossible to implement any system that can effectively remove cheating from a game without it severely detrimentally impacting the game’s playability and screwing over legitimate players as a result.

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You would think with the remaster they would update everything and improve upon the game.

Let them dupe, no hair off my balls.

Even if d2jsp vanished forever right now, people would still dupe and sell items via other platforms. You cannot stop RMT in a game like Diablo 2.

d2jsp isn’t the eye of sauron. It’s just the oldest most used and most convenient to use platform. Destroying it will change nothing. People would move to a new platform if this happened.

Supposition stated as facts.

I can play after midnight without any problem, and if ppl come home from work in the afternoon starting playing it go down…same all days

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I don’t know if this has been stated yet, but the first sign of a server crash for me is always incapacity to identify items, so I’d says I’m also leaning toward OP opinion that the problem is people trying to mess with items/duping who crash the servers…

Same thing happened in original D2. You need to desync the servers and you can dupe as much as you need. Its much harder but still possible since there are no global rollbacks in D2R.


I 100% believe dupers are downing the servers hence why im not mad… it always happens when most bots would be running lmao

Nice try, but it doesn’t explain why the server down happened exactly the same time for 4 days in a row.

Define large? A few thousand at best, by and mod metrics. Many games have that. The game was abandoned when Blizzard stopped producing patches for it to work on other projects.

friend of mine already duped accidentally due to the servers issues. thought i just leave this here, i wonder why players who know d2 don’t accept this fact. It was, it is and it will be possible.

sad world we live in where people actually buy stuff like this lmao id never im my life spend a penny for any items. I hope the cheaters or real money sellers get bad karma IRL as well as the buyers

The point is, how can billion dollars company let the hacker ahead of them?

Me: “Where is the proof?”
OP: “Trust me bro”

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I know how to solve this.
And its an unpopular opinion…

MAKE RUNES MORE BEARABLE TO FIND. Dont make people suffer to find them and bots wont have a market.

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Since DAY 1 there were bunch of random rollbacks but whatever was traded before disconnection was not affected. This is DUPING by definition if you still dont get it.