"It's a remaster, not a remake" they keep saying

is that how you deal with those who wrong you? By not holding them accountable and moving on so they can do it again and again? You would make a great vooter.


They didn’t wrong me… they made a mobile game I won’t play… it’s great for those who will but I don’t really care.

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They wronged everyone who asked for something else and they did that instead. Nobody wanted that game.

“You think you want it, but you really don’t”

Remember that?

I don’t play WoW either. They did make it in the end so…

Final fantasy 14 doesn’t exist I guess.

Not that I would want to pay a sub for d2 at all, to be clear.

I guess you did not read all the PTR blog post.


In the coming weeks, Diablo II: Resurrected will be launching its first ever Public Test Realm (PTR)—a special realm where we can test balance, bug fixes, and other enhancements we make to the game. We invite all of you to participate, as you’ll have an opportunity to play a crucial role in testing features and evolving the experience for all players. When we get closer, we’ll share more details on how you can gain access to the PTR and trial these changes.

The primary focus of that PTR will be revolved around fixing database issues and stabilizing our online environment. Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play and even more new changes coming to Diablo II: Resurrected.


Personally I don’t want to many changes, but as long as I can play
the same game that they released, then they can change stuff.
I hate what D3 is now, so that is not acceptable by me, constant changes
suck in that game.
Well, there is way worse things in D3 than changes, but still,
I don’t want my super rare items being trash, cause of reasons.

Super rare items arent trash in d3 either though. Also changes doesnt mean it turn into d3.
They are 2 different games. The seasonal themes are pretty popular in d3, imo it keeps it fresh.

while at it, let blizz take the already made (by that arab dude, which yt blogger Rhykker talks about constantly) pretty ama and soso faces ant put them in cosmetics shop too. 5$… for client side effect. Who wants it thumbs up/like

I guess you not only just believe known liars, but also can’t read what you posted.

This is so vague they could do the same nothing they have been doing and call it changes.

and why? because people didn’t roll over and “stop crying” about what they wanted done.

He’s just going to move the goal post until the end of time. He’s clearly not playing the game, just complaining for the sake of complaining

If Blizzard says that they plan to use the PTR to test balance changes, do you think it is unreasonable that Blizzard will in fact test balance changes?

Has there been any example in the entire history of Blizzard where they said that they would test balance changes in the PTR that they did not? Just need 1 example.

And doing tests don’t mean it will be implemented. If they try something and it’s game breaking, then it’s back to the drawing board.
I expect minor changes at best, maybe something like stronger skeleton mages that don’t die as easily or something even smaller…

Given their history, yes. What is reasonable is to assume they will continue their past behavior of lying, bait and switch, use of vagueness to pretend they did something they didn’t actually do, and generally ignoring what the players want.

Has there been any example of them claiming they would do something and then not following through? Just one will do.

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Have they ever done a balance test on the PTR that they did not implement something (it may not be the exact same number but abandoned the balance change completely)?

Not sure, I know they once buffed the already OP necromancer during a PTR and ended up not changing much but I can’t give you a precise answer. It was after they nerfed Inarius to the ground. I remember watching a youtuber in the PTR say that the necromancer was just too strong and Blizzard left it almost unchanged. People hoped it would be a buff for Inarius but it was Pestilence (I think)

U talking about the s21? Or such ptr. Since they did change the build. They just had to nerf since it got to OP and didnt have enough time to make it viable before start. Its pretty much coming back this season though.

I personally can’t wait and I’m a old time player. I have been preaching about endgame content and welcome it


If it’s not significant they will not need to test on PTR.

Base on history of PTR.

Some people are in denial. It’s painful.