It took them 16 days to figure this out


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Hello all -

We wanted to provide an update on all the work the dev team has been putting in on addressing some of the database issues that we detailed in our post above a couple of weeks ago.

As we mentioned in our last update, character saves have been occurring on the global database. Next week, our internal teams will begin testing a significant change by having saves occur more often on the regional end, rather than global, in hopes of alleviating some database stress. Once our internal load testing is complete, we will put up a PTR server with this fix to get some real-world testing before rolling out to the live game.

On top of that, we have another client patch that we expect to hit next week which will offer better transparency on queue times by adding time estimates alongside your placement in the queue. We will also be implementing a way to rate limit games with varying times to ensure we can get higher amounts of players in during peak playing periods. This change will also give us a better way to adjust the number of players that can jump into the game during these moments.

Lastly, we have some significant updates coming to the game in terms of bug fixes and features, and we are looking forward to going over all of those updates with you soon.

Thank you again for all your patience as you venture your way back into Hell in Diablo II: Resurrected. We will continue to provide updates when available.

Like how dumb can you be for it to take you over 2 weeks to figure out you needed to do things at the regional level? I mean Blizzard North knew that 20 years ago when they coded the dang thing… Took me all of 20 seconds to come to that conclusion myself.