Is there a release date for 2.4 yet?

Or how long are they going to be testing it on PTR?

Its all here bro.

“a couple of weeks” seems very vague to me

You wont get the date until the upcoming PTR is over

Noone knows dude. What you expect to hear?

cant you read? also you are beyond cringe with all the dude broing

With all they have been saying… i figure we are looking at end of march… first weeek of april for launch of 2.4! Cannot wait!!! Changes are decent and headed in right direction!!

Maybe you are the one who can’t read because you are asking things that are already posted and can’t be more specific plus you are very rude

Dont bother he is just trying to look for fight and trolling. Its funny that he in other topic told me that i cant read patch notes and then he ask here about something was is clearly in announcement LMAO :roll_eyes:

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ah yes a couple of weeks is a very clear date… You shills are beyond pathetic

Cant you for once be happy with something? Like we have significant changes after like 15 years lol. Why are you so salty and hateful? Its not good for your health dude.

Yeah i can see that he tries to find reasons to argue. How some ppl can do that, i will never understand.

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