Is it acceptable for you that you need to wait 2h in queue to play in weekends?

It’s actually not an exaggeration. I waited 1 hour in the queue (224)… it finally got me in, but took me to the offline character screen and wouldn’t connect to Online… I’m now 30 minutes in my second queue of the morning (318), and I expect it to be even longer than the first.

I’m not expecting to play this morning at all, at this point.

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Yea this is actually a good problem for Blizz to resolve, just shows that much more than expected players are playing D2R (despite its a reskin of a 20-yr old game). They should quickly get more new servers up, afterall these servers can be redeployed at will if demands shift in the future.

Simple answer: No it is not acceptable.

I spent exactly one hour in queue this morning.


Except it is not about that precisely. They did not know how frequently the regional servers would send update requests to the global database. This apparently is the bottleneck where we get mass queues in our morning due to it being primetime in Asia.

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (

The game has been out for a month now… if Blizzard was going to add servers, they would have done it.

Honestly, this is looking like a cash grab, and they are just waiting for everyone to stop playing/complaining. Pitiful what Blizzard has done to their legendary games.


It is not a server problem per se. It is a network architecture problem associated with how frequently the regional servers send info to the global database. See the link:

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (

I want TCP/IP back!

Forget Bnet. Never wanted to play on it. Just wanted to play LAN with friends and family. Bnet has always been a cesspool.

We’ve held on for fixes and it just seems to get worse.


Actually, the number of servers is supposed to be higher than the expected “normal” near release date due high traffic.

Yeah, I’m at 375 in the queue… on a Saturday morning on the east coast… Completely unacceptable… I paid my 40$, but I’m limited on when I can play? This will probably be my last Blizzard product.

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omg, this must be a joke


I’m at spot 403. I don’t like an afk kick timer in d2 but queues like this during peak times it needs to be done or people can’t play.

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it dosnt help the fact that u can jus sit in a game for hours on end jus afk

i’ve been in queue for an hour and i moved from 406 to 220, at that rate he’s not exaggerating, but congrats for assuming he’s exaggerating!

Have been waiting for more than one hour (queue 380) to get an “Internet connection not found bla-bla” pop-up once arrived to my character list. Relogging relaunched the queue from scratch, obviously.
Now I understand how the queue is moving on.

If it was a brand new game on launch day then yes, I would be okay with waiting. However this game has been out for a month. It is very baffling that they have this much server traffic on a Saturday morning. Where people have been waiting 2+ hours to get into game only to have a crash after a few minutes and be kicked back to queue.

no its not even a slight exaggeration, i waited in que for OVER 2 hours this morning… hit over 400 in que to fail to connect when it finally went in to be placed in at 400 again.

everything blizzard does now is cash grabs.

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in queue position 400 for about 20 minutes now with no movement. I love playing the queue boss all day. What a joke pay 50$ for some game i can’t even play

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Any idea of where this Particular database is Physically located?"

a lot of these responses are funny. Im not saying it is all of the issue, but some of you are acting like they can just add servers. that isnt true (new world uses cloud servers provided by amazon). There is a Semiconductor shortage because of the whole covid debacle. It has had an effect on everything from graphics cards to new cars. Look at final fantasy xiv. The Head of the game came out and said that they apologize for the long queues right now and they are working to get more servers, but right now it isnt possible because of the shortage. They have offered up to 50% more than the companies who make them want and they still cant get more.