Is Bladesin even better than Trapsin?

At least for one player difficulty for me.

For my Trapsin, I have to dump all the points to fire blast and synergies, where for my Bladesin, I maxed out Death Sentry, and there is still points left. Physical immunes are far less than lightning immunes, and easier to break with reapers toll in my merc’s hand. At the end of the day, I got a much larger radius death sentry with the Bladesin, and far quicker first corpse generation.

Never played her. Its just single target and multitarget is from death sentry?

Also blade sentinel. Basically 1 or 2 death sentries, one blade sentinel, then throwing the stars

I’m guessing this is where you farm and your build. For my trapper I always max Death Sentry and even now that they nerf’d her I’ll still max Death Sentry. On my Blade-sin I only have 5 pts into DS at this point, as I’m maxing Claw Mastery instead of more pts into DS. I have an Eth Bartucs so the extra damage and Crits from Mastery is what I’m looking for.

Running Countess and Arcane I’d rather use my Trapper, PI’s exist here.
Running Chaos I prefer the Bladesin as the Lit resistance of the monsters in there is high and there are virtually no PI’s.

As far as power goes and ability to farm in MF gear…they are kinda the same as long as I keep my claw and not try to move to Gul or Ali-baba.

The AoE to single target is decent. Blade Sentinel gives decent AoE to soften things up, 1-2 DS to clear the groups and then you Fury down something till it dies and everything else goes pop…Engagements aren’t that long and once I get some better CB the bigger targets will drop faster. I had a claw that procs Amp while I was leveling, that was nice, too bad I outgrew it.

This build looks fun :slight_smile:

Just played a trapsin NL occassionaly and never got further into the assassin until ladder.

Maining a MA sin atm, but will level another sin and try out the bladesin.
What gear would be BiS for her?

Talked to some friends, the current version is that lancerator, fortitude, phoenix, with infinity in a2 merc. Max death sentry.

I read that Death in an ETH Ettin Axe would also be great for the bladesin.
I quite dont remember where i read it, but i read a post about blade shield using weapon durability, can anybody confirm that?

And ias is not important right, because the blade skills do have a fixed rate?

phoenix ist the downside, i hardlly managing to get an Eni for my MA sin and that shield is out of question, at least for now :slight_smile:

Yes. IAS does not work with bladesin, so the higher weapon damage is the better. On striking effect does work for blade fury. I haven’t tested personally but I bet Death’s glacial spike is a sight to behold.

However what is even more important is the skill level. For blade fury, 1 point of skill = 40 min and max damage. So a plague runeword on a +3 to fury claw can get 200 damage from the +5 skill alone.

Blade Shield does use the weapons durability while Fury and Sentinel do not. If you use an Eth weapon you basically give up on using Shield. Currently I’m running an eth Bartucs which is very nice for now.

Blade Shield is a good skill. It makes most of the melee monsters not a threat. Blade fury and blade sentinel receive most of the damage from the skill itself, therefore the weapon damage itself is not that important. I still prefer a non-eth weapon, currently using a plague claw.

I’m leveling right now and will see, how it turns out :slight_smile:

My Phoneix strike is super fun and I’m planning to play all sin builds this ladder, besides trapsin.

Will post more, when I’m heading towards endgame.

Nat’s set against demons. Can’t say more. Some say nat’s set can farm 8 player travincal

Luckily I found a Jah yesterday, with my ma sin in cows, first high rune drop this ladder :slight_smile: Thinking about making a phoenix now, didn’t expect to get the opportunity so fast.

Also got the runes for plague and a +3 blade fury Suwayyah.
Usually planned to go for nats and plague, for dual claw, but is the DMG with phoenix far superior, to full nats, with plague?
And i guess the redemption aura ist nor very important, but only the ED is the key factor?

Want to try out different setups, regarding mf, also got an eni, thanks to northforce, but I guess it doesn’t do much for the build, besides +2 and mf.

For the Phoenix shield, I have been using Inifinity on my merc, for the -defense and a boost to death sentry’s corpse explosion. But yesterday I did some test, which shows very interesting results: from my observation, claw mastery does work with Blade Sentinel. Not 100% sure about the damage part, but pretty sure that I saw critical hits and a huge difference in attack rating between with and without claw mastery. I aslo found some reddit posts talking the same thing 3 months ago.

This means Blade Sentinel’s attack rating might be easily solved by maxing out claw mastery, which makes it a very good AoE without Infinity on a merc. If the merc is not required to hold Infinity, he can use Reaper’s Toll instead. And because no Infinity and the claw mastery is maxed out, there’s few points left for death sentry. In this maxed claw mastery setup I’ll probably opt out death sentry.

Back to phoenix, I believed that a low redemption aura is prefered due to my current setup. Now it seems that a high redemption aura can also be very good. The huge life and mana recovery together with high leech make the bladesin one of the tankist build of all.

Im still in the leveling process and im on NM now and mostly using blade sentinel.

Im not sure, how i will use it in the endgame.
Was usually planning to play mostly with blade fury and death sentry.

Right now I’m thinking about going more close range, with blade sentinel and blade shield, while shooting blade fury as well, depends how the dmg of blade sentinel on hell turns out and how tanky the sin might be.

My MA PS sin is totally fine in close range and for me, weapon block + dual claws felt way tankier, than with a shield, but its just my personal feeling.

I also thought that a low redemption aura might be better, since with DS, its not the optimal setup, when all corpses are consumed.

Is it a great difference between lvl 10 and lvl 15 redemption aura, regarding life recovery?

Haven’t tested. But from the numbers:

level 10 redemption - 70% chance 70 life/mana
level 15 redemption - 80% chance 95 life/mana

It should be pretty noticable.

I tried to use blade sentinel more, but in low player counts, blade fury and death sentry are just easier to execute. E.g. against many ranged mobs blade sentinel can hardly hit them.

10% more chance, means, 10% less chance, for DS, difficult setup :slight_smile:

I dont play SP and mostly alone on battlenet.
I’ll try to get my hands on a cheap phoenix and will test.
Could make a phoenix myself, but after that, I would be totally broke and I need some trap skillers as well.

Yes the phoenix thing bothered me quite a while: buy or make. I tried to talk to several people to see if I could get a lower price for their 10 redemption phoenixes, but no luck. Then I made mine, which is a 371%ED/10 redemption. Pretty bad in general but here the 10 redemption is kind of a desired stat for death sentry.

All in all, a 10 redemption won’t sell for much (or even sell). Though I hardly sell gear that I used, it’s stil better to get a high redemption aura if you make it.

Did you test a dual claw setup?
As a posted before, weapon block and dual claw, felt tankier on my Ma sin

If I can get a hold on a phoenix, Ill test some different setups :slight_smile:

Dual claw definitely works. Though tankiness is not really a priority for a physical assasion, because you are leeching insanely. For extra tankiness, keeps fade buff, which has physical resistance.