Is a new client update coming?

Hey all, TGIF! Speaking of which, on Friday, October 29, 2021 @ 3:03PM Pacific, PezRadar stated they were expecting a client patch to bring better transparency on the queue times:

“we have another client patch that we expect to hit next week which will offer better transparency on queue times by adding time estimates alongside your placement in the queue.”

Another thought, is rolling this client update out not as high of a priority since the complaints about the queue times have largely faded over the past few days?

But complaints of ‘unable to join friends in same regions’ have started rising. O,o

If this were true, we would know why for certain, not just going off of a few tests and reports from users.

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There is.

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“Added join/create game rate refunding so that if a player joins a game that is full, in addition to other cases, they will now be able to immediately try to join another game rather than being limited”

Nice! That change should please a lot of people!

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" * Added in-game messaging to communicate how much time is left before a player can join or create another game"

Don’t see this at all so far, just the same old unfriendly connection error message. Also whatever rate scaling they added, it doesn’t seem to scale down during less busy periods, just up if anything.

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I’m not seeing the timer either, same old error message :frowning:

I updated, and it had no effect. Two game restarts later, it is working. Just my experience.

Diablo 2: Restarted.

So the timer they added appears on the create and join buttons when you hover over them (and it makes the button unclickable when it’s in effect). However there’s nothing under the “Play” button for spawning solo games online, just the same old crappy message there.

Update: I see it under the play button now. Must have been something they had to turn on server side or something because I wasn’t seeing it previously after receiving the update. Nice to see. Still wish they’d back off the cooldown a bit, still seems excessive.

seems legit the only real thing this patch seemed to have changed is now i know how long im annoyed by as eveything eles dosnt seem to work as they stated
bravo blizz

Look at it on the positive side. You now know exactly how long you have to mess with people on the forums >.>

seems like a troll / bait post there buddie.