Iron Golems should be resummonable/"rehirable"

One of the “unique” skills a class posesses, unfortunately the Iron Golem does not see too much use due to how it functions.

And yes, I know there is a bug going on where golems disappear, where they turn hostile and your own minion kill them and so forth

Necro with hard point in Iron Golem should have the ability to resummon the “old” Iron Golem if it disappears…somehow,… or “rehire” from the merc vendors for 50k gold or something.

There is no way anyone can drop an Infinity or Pride or Beast or any kind of expensive runeword like Plague really when golems disappear like that every third game. Even without the bug…Iron Golem is impossible to use if you make it out of a expensive item without it being resummonable. What if you die? Then it goes away and your expensive item poofs.

In the end if you make it out of an expensive item instead of actually playing and enjoying the game you’re playing “watching the Iron Golem Health bar” and hitting Save/Exit when or if it gets low…

A hard point into golem(or multiple soft/hardpoints?) should let the item be reusable imo.


I can’t understand why after a lot of years they can’t fix the disappearing bug of the Golem, in 3 days my Iron Golem disappears 2 times… Blizzard if you can’t resolve the disappearing bug …maybe the solution is to reimburse the exact cost of runes spent in his creation .In any other game there is a chance to open a ticket and include screen captures of the problem and they reimburse the cost if there is a bug in game. What’s the point of the skill if it does not work?

A simpler solution would be just drop the item used to create the golem on its death.


That makes a f ton of sense. Probably way easier to implement than some new mechanic to go and have them resurrected. It would be like a the other golems where when they die you just recast to bring them back.

Lore friendly too. Your magic turned it into a golem, when your magic fails it goes back to an item. Maybe even with zero durability. Lore wise that would make sense for ethereal items they are used once, but regular items can be repaired.

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For sure. They could be re-summoned if they die. Its not fun to lose a valuable item in that fashion

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