Inferno isn't just bad, it's broken

For the few levels a sorceress might be using Inferno before getting Blaze, I did a few runs with in Tristram on the PTR.

Did you know using the skill makes you lock in place? You literally cannot move and everything hits you while you stand there with your hands out doing terrible damage. It doesn’t feel like channeling anything else in this game. It feels clunky. Hardcore players should definitely never try to use this skill. Not only will it lock you in place, in multiplayer it will potentially rubber band you as well.

In a game where attack, move, attack, move, attack, move, is your only defense against damage in the early game, an early skill that negates this entirely is unusable. The damage is bad. The synergy is bad. The functionality is bad.

This is a dead skill point now for every fire sorc.

Yes, that’s the whole point of a channeling skill.

All it needs is high dmg to compensate for the high risk.

Yes, it needs more buffs. But it’s not unsalvageable.

I would personally limit the range, but make it do 3x more dmg. Making it the hardest hitting sorc spell, but… you know, akward to use and always at the risk of dying from melee hits.


It’s more than channeling while clicked. When you stop casting you are still stuck.

in what sense? You can move immeditaly if you want. You just can’t move AND channel.

The worst part about Inferno is the wind-up time.