Infernal Sign 3 set item bonus is now useless


Just going through the set changes, and saw that Infernal Tools is getting Cannot be Frozen for full set bonus (3 pieces). Which is a really nice bonus to get on the set.


Then I looked at the individual set bonuses.
And for Infernal Sign 3 piece bonus, it gets “Half Freeze Duration”, which isn’t used since the full set just got Cannot Be Frozen.
Change this to something like 10FHR would make it a useful piece bonus.


what are you talking about; it essentially got buffed from half to full resistance for the 3-piece.

The Full set is 3 pieces.

He means the 3 piece set bonus on the belt that gives half freeze duration is now redundant with the cannot be frozen buff, so he’s suggesting that it should be changed to a different stat that can be used.


Exactly - the stat is now useless. I think the devs missed that part when adding the Cannot Be Frozen bonus.

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it’s not really redoundant… it’s just buffed.

you needed 3 pieces to have “Half Freeze Duration” now you need 3 pieces to have “Cannot be Frozen.”

You need 3 pieces regardless, and now the buff is just better.

Adding ANOTHER stat is just an EXTRA buff.

But on the belt, it gives “Half Freeze Duration” as a 3 piece bonus - having that with Cannot Be Frozen is useless.
Then at least remove “Half Freeze Duration” from the belt, since it is useless now.

yes, they might have forgotten to delete that or maybe they thought deleting it was unnecessary work.

It is a buff regardless.

Nobody is arguing that it’s a buff, but it is redundant. As for unnecessary work, it’s changing one or two lines in a .txt file. I’m guessing it was probably just an oversight.

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