Immolation arrow bug

If I spam Immolation arrow too much. The game will disconnect me. “Connection Lost” message before I get booted back to lobby. I can then immediately rejoin the game and play as normal.

Computer doesn’t crash or anything, just drops connection. If I don’t spam Immolation arrow, I’m fine. No disconnect.

Can you guys please take a look into this. It’s a bit annoying.


turn down your video settings a bit. d2r uses too much vram and crashes if it hits the max. otherwise fiddle with the gpu settings and try limiting stuff there

I tried messing with the video setting multiple times. Setting on lowest possible option. Still same issues. However, when I switched the game to “windowed” this issue completely went away. Never lost connection spamming Immolation arrow.

What does this mean? I don’t want to play windowed, like full screen.

That said, I notice it happens more depending on what mobs I’m fighting. Venom Lords and Minions of Destruction seem to never fail.

Thanks for the reply and help.

immolation is one of the higher VFX spells in the game. each time it lands it spawns a lot of missiles on the ground, and if you have 100% pierce and good attack speed, you can put hundreds of missiles on the ground in a short period of time. venom lords and minions of destruction are particularly tanky, so i assume its simply because you’re able to get a lot of missiles on the ground at a time due to extended combat with them

turning down the vfx quality (the last option in the general video settings category) fixes a lot of crashes for a lot of people.

dunno why windowed would change anything

Thanks Kabryxis,

I just tried another baal run with the VFX turned down all the way to low. I got to the Minions of Destruction spamming Immolation arrow till it gave me a “connection lost”.

It doesn’t feel like my game is crashing. It’s like I lose my internet connection and boots me back into the lobby. I’m able to immediately rejoin the game and continue where I left off. To me, it feels like a game glitch?

I did a search to see if anyone else had this similar issue. Looks like there was a guy back in June that had the same problem. Don’t see any replies on his post however.

If you have any more ideas, I’m all ears! I have no idea what else I can do.


oh interesting, you’re just disconnecting, overlooked that

i wonder if blizzard has done something server side to try to fix the recent exploits of game server crashing with spamming certain spells and immolation arrow triggers it in its natural gameplay loop. no idea if this would be the case, but dont know what else it would be besides another weird graphical issue that is significantly less common

Yeah, I’m baffled. I may just switch my spec to Ice for now. See if anything changes down the road in the future.

Appreciate all the help you offered, ty!